Pleiadian Seen Vanishing On Live Danish News At Airport! Video, March 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 2016
Location of sighting: Denmark, baggage claim, airport
News source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/4aq5o1/

In this Danish News video, we see a yellow hair woman in the background trying to get her baggage, then....she vanishes. A lot of viewers of the video say you can see her walking behind the girl in front...that her hair is seen behind her, but that hair is brown and is her ponytail. It is not the yellow hair of the girl that vanishes. 

There are a lot of yellow hair aliens out there. One species that mingles a lot with humans and may have even walked past you a few times are the Pleiadians. Yellow hair seems to be a trademark of they species. She may be one of them. 

I also notice she is talking to a girl with a sports jacket. Her own jacket is different, but the other person behind them all also has this sports jacket, not to mention the Puma baggage. As her conversation ends with this sports girl, she vanishes, as if she was finished. The real question is...was she even on the plane at all, or just appear here to talk to this special someone?

Scott C. Waring


  1. It's pretty convincing footage, but, it is completely possible that the blonde woman is just walking alongside the brunette at the same speed. It's FAR more likely than her being a vanishing alien.

    Oh, and there is a word for "yellow hair lady". It's called blonde. No wonder Scott "teaches" overseas. He clearly is on the mental level of a 10 year old.

  2. this is easy, you can clearly see she starts walking in the same direction as the woman with the cart.

  3. je suis fan de UFO mais la pour cette video
    desole mais la fille ne disparait pas elle suis
    celle qui se deplace avec le chariot
    regarder aux pieds on appercoit rapidement un pied de l'autre fille
    cepandant c'est une belle ilusion digne de coperfield....
    a bientot.

  4. You can see the reflection of the blonde woman in the silver trashcan on the left side.
    No alien


  5. Hello
    I'm a fan of UFO but for this video I'm sorry
    to tell you what does not disappear ...
    it was well hidden one that moves with the carriage ...
    look at the levels of feet very quickly shade of a foot can be seen on the floor ... it's a beautiful illusion certe ...
    see you soon
    Renaud C.

  6. this is nothing, after watching it slowed down. The lady starts walking away right behind the lady with the luggage if u look closely u can still spot her shoulder

  7. Very interesting, also during news TV programing in the recent past, there have been incidents where TV news teams have actually caught passing UFO's during live coverage on TV via there studio news view screens as the news announcer was talking to the cam.

  8. The Pleiadians is The Best!The Pleiadians are the best beautiful people!


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