UFO Found In Apollo 12 Photo On Earths Moon, March 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 2015
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Source photo: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS12-50-7407

This UFO was found by Jason Hunter of Youtube and seems to resemble the TR3B, which is in the hands of the USAF and was made using alien tech and propulsion. I don't think this is USAF in this craft, but clearly it is a ship watching from a distance. This is 100% proof that the Apollo Moon Missions were to scout for alien technology. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
A UFO has been found in one of the many Project Apollo Photos. I am looking through them now to find any UFO's or anomalies. This is a wonderful archive and thank you to NASA for releasing.


  1. Hi Scott. Very good report. In the Apollo missions it has been many appearances. In the Apollo 15 is a picture that clearly shows the appearance of ufos. Marcelo Irazusta published a very interesting video of it on my channel. The video is
    IF YOU WANT you can publish your website. Thank you

  2. in news, scott Kelly leaving nasa...typical reasons given..wa to explore many options, but really, maybe he wants to get out of nasa vice grip and explore his ideas about the ufo's he now know exists...wouldn't want to be constrained by nasa big wigs with his ufo hocus pocus ,now, huh?? time to leave ''nasa'' huh mr. Kelly? you might wan't to cavort with others who will believe you on ufo's while if stayed with ''nasa'' he might be constrained.

  3. Ive came to a self realization thru time that the Break Aways just may have escorted those early to later Apollo lunar missions while at the same time observing the NASA astronauts inside there secretly temporary special craft, but in reality exotic flight machines that was given to those Break Aways via the lunar lizard poeple, because i cannot see a anguler so called Apollo lunar excursion module & space booster rocket vehical really getting there safely by both machines utilizing fuel air bomb principaled Gulf oil fuels in there motors for linear space flight travel, & also doing this safely & efficiently anywhere in space, thats why movie creator Mr Stan Kubric was recuited by a SecGov alphebet soup acynon spelled business extension org to create the fake moon scenario scenes etc, for the gallable earth masses of asses those fathers of NASA must have felt we all were during that time era in America's Apollo lunar space exploration TRANCE the Break Aways had pulled off while there business investment partner the Gulf Oil Corp was raking in Billions in $ for the SecGov & NASA at the same time, hell ya cant say that those Break Aways were not very clever SoB's imo...

    I mean cant you see it now, ok ok crewmates close those eyes & take that deep breath, in out in out until hopefully just hopefully a awakening in consciousness awarness insights happens to some of you here w/ out that one size fits all "Thinkin Helmet" that some of ya dont even like to wear in critical Deductive Logical moments in your thk"ing time UC.


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