Yin-Yang Symbol Found On Saturn Moon Iapetus, March 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 2012, but again on March 2016
Location of discovery: Saturn moon Iapetus 
Photo Source: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA18436

While looking over some NASA photos of Saturns moon Iapetus, I found an only Yin-yang symbol that I had found back in 2012, but have never seen it since. I assumed that NASA had blurred out everything, but was lucky to find it again in a new photo. The symbols exact location is between Engelier crater and Geboin. 

Have you noticed that even in newer photos, NASA still passes off full scale photo maps with 80% of it purposely blurred? And 90% of the public ignores it. Enlarge it to see for yourself. Mark my words, there will come a time when we the public will go before the UN and demand they force NASA to reveal the true photos, without blur. Its going to happen, even if I'm the one that will have to make it so. Time...is not on NASAs side. 

Scott C. Waring


  1. ....Scott...is that a dome to the right of the yin/yang symbol?
    ...(At about the 2 o'clock position)...

  2. Looks like there are blurred out angular buildings towards the bottom as well.

  3. hello how can I sent in picture and contact u pls help me.i don't se anywere on website contact or upload fotografi,i have one amazing foto u gonna love on ufo, pls hope u can help me were I can upload here?

  4. http://target.lroc.asu.edu/q3/?proj=orthons&center=746191.91603088,930235.91595459&zoom=14&lt=Overlays=llgrid,T,70;moonsunlit,F,70;satview,F,;lroc_nac_anaglyphs,F,;lroc_feat_images,F,;moon_ft_plus,F,;=InstrumentFootprints=m3_fprints,F,50;nac_fprints,F,100;=LROCRequestedTargets=mt,F,90;nac_hisun,F,30;nac_losun,F,30;=ClementineProducts=lclem_mr,F,100;=Chandrayaan1Products=m3_mosaic_op2c3,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2c2,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2c1,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2b,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2a,F,100;m3_mosaic_op1b,F,100;m3_mosaic_op1a,F,100;l_ch1_mrf,F,100;=GRAIL=lgrail_2,F,15;=LunaservaccessviaQuickMap=lunaserv_roi,F,100;lunaserv_dtm,F,100;lunaserv_ana,F,100;lunaserv_rdr,F,100;lunaserv_nac,F,100;lunaserv_wac,F,100;=LRODivinerMapProducts=dlre_stn,F,50;dlre_st,F,50;dlre_ra,F,50;dlre_cf,F,25;=LROMiniRFProducts=l_lro_mrf,F,100;=LROCGlobalDTMGLD100=wac_demclrshd2_128ppd,F,30;leyeball_colors_with_shaded,F,100;=LROCNAC=lnpm,F,100;lnpole,F,100;lorthonac_mx,F,100;lorthonac_px,F,100;lorthonac_ilrg,F,100;lorthonac_imed,F,100;lorthonac_ism,F,100;lndtms,F,100;lndtmcs,F,100;=LROCWACBasemaps=lillum,F,100;wac_colortest_64ppd,F,100;wac_albedo,F,100;wac_far,F,100;wac_near,F,100;wac_bw_v1_par,F,100;wac_bw_v1_plus_nacs,T,100;=

  5. http://bit.ly/22hxmcL

  6. Very Interesting photo with heaps of old buildings even if they did blur the really good bits.Now I have found a very interesting object in this photo but it only has its true shape in the second high res photo(When Download and viewed).Now the object does appear in both photos(I checked) but its shape and colour is diffrent.When you view this you will also see old buildings bellow to the left abit.Now go to the top right of the photo and move 4 square segments along to your left,see that big white thing with a black nosecone just sitting on the surface casting a great big shadow,concord looking rock I don't think so.Let me know if you see it to try and verify this thing !

  7. They the benevolents want us to raise are conscious awareness levels to see & accept them when disclosure becomes a world wide absolute event down here via a number of means that we all globally will soon see & experience, because if you become a wired up Trans Human, well what i sense from above is that at any given moment they the SecGov/GRB commercial controled org's would be quite capable of pullin the switch on ya for a number of sordid reasons they may feel at any given moment, & "when that happens then YOUR FINISHED", that is IF you foolishly subscribe to becoming a human smart or no, but instead how about a "Human DUMB PHN" as a likely choice of words that youve knowingly made or yourself so2spk...

    Become a wanabe borg if you choose to, but remember whos pullin those frequency wave cords on ya my Human Marrionet, no you Trans Human borg wannabes wont nearly become a tough but very independent ST borg, because even tho the borg were a hive society on ST, & no outside force like those currupt SecGov/GRB SoB type of beings where pullin there strings, hell no they would not put up w/ it w/ out a fight towards those currupt & greedy basterds, & would beat them & win too that id gladly bet on...

    But when i look at that gorgeous & outstandingly stunnin 7 of nine, WOA WOA hell my knees just a quiver shes so so, & smart as or even smarter than our known top smartphones of 2day, & even 2morro even, & ill shut up now.

  8. Scott, i thk that disclosure will be a global event of sight & inner conscious sound we will all experience on earth regardless of what the SecGov who ownes & controles what NASA says & do, because remember the root creators of most of 2days alphabet soup acronym spelled agecies in the U.S. 2day were created to perfection by those break away NAZI expats after paper clip such as the CIA formally the OSS, NASA & also including a number of govermental org's that those NAZI expats guickly seized & recreated for there benifit, so in my thk'ing they would absolutely not want disclosure to quickly throw them out of there seats of Break Away Societal pwr, but i sense it will happen on this world very soon regardless of what the elites of this worlds criminal plans for earths humanity are, & i feel they will lose this horrible grip on earths masses in the end, & i hope VERY VERY SOON now.


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