Alien Structure Close Up Near Spirit Rover, April 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 26, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars

I found this alien structure and it has an entrance on the far left side. The structure does look like its made by intelligent beings using a kind of clay black substance. Its impossible to say if the people who made this were highly intelligent, although this looks like a primitive structure, but the substance its made from contradicts that. Its made with a very hard, very strange black/blue stone. 

Oh...and I found a head, always important to get a head in life...so, here you go. It looks mostly human, almost Mayan in appearance. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. interesting but i really want to know what u think about the objects in the center at the lowest point in that bottom part of the washed out bowl looks like a big circular bowl with a hole in the center then the slide mark going from the hole, off to the left to what looks like a rock maybe ??!?!?! idk depth and light makes things hard 2c clearly but man It looks like a hole on a martian put-put golf-course !

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha!

    You must be getting desperate for things to post!

    "I found this alien structure"


    You found a hill, moron. You found a hill, then decided to claim it is an alien base with absolutely NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

    Pathetic, at BEST. What a joke. Good job ruining ufology.

  3. Whether you realize it or not, Scott. You have effectively and wholeheartedly destroyed your site. It is very obvious you have completely lost all of your credibility. It's sad and unfortunate, but you did it to yourself, even though there were SO many people trying to give you sound and reasonable advice. For shame.

  4. What is that "thing" sticking out of the "stuff" on the right side of the picture?
    It looks like a giant snake of some sorts. What do you think??

    1. Hmmmm....I'm looking at the photo, but not sure which thing you mean. I don't see any snakes, but it is possible, because yes, life still exists on Mars...mostly below the surface, but some smaller species above.

    2. Scott...please explain how you know there is life on Mars.

      Do you have proof?

      I think you made it up and are totally full of crap.

      You can't prove there is life on Mars.

      I dare you. Prove it. Go ahead. I DARE YOU.

      You can't. Quit claiming things are 100% true when you have no proof.

      It makes you a liar and a sham.

      If you THINK there is life in Mars, fine. But you have no proof.

      I totally believe in ET life, but I have no PROOF.

      Do you even understand what that word means?

  5. Yes agree, getting ahead is it's own reward! (feels great too!)

  6. That rock you say is a human head looks to be much bigger than a human head maybe a giants head but definitely not a human it is to big mouth is in wrong place. Good imagination as always

  7. I have seen loads of strange things in this picture,,, is there a Triangle shaped entrance in the middle bottom of the mountain, or is it my bad eyesight

  8. Looks like a perfect triangle with a white spot in the middle,, to the right of your entrance, follow along the bottom of the rock to the middle


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