Explaining the Great Flood, Atlantis, and humans in North America Using Science, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: June 17, 2016

I really like his ideas in this video. It does make a great hypothesis about what could have caused such floods and changes with the Earth long ago. The Earth is continually moving and so are other things in space, like clouds. Particularly interesting is his thoughts about Plato. 
Scott C. Waring
Video states:
I’ll set the ground work for each scenario. I am pretty sure the Great Flood did happen. While it is popularized as a Christian story in English speaking countries, the Great Flood transcends almost every single culture around the world. So I don’t doubt it happened. But the main issue is where did the water come from? Most of theories I have seen require bending the rules of the observable reality that we live in. Next is the Firmament. The firmament is something in the book of Genesis that talks about a body of water surrounding the Earth. There is also some interpretation that while the firmament was in place it did not rain much if at all on Earth. After the flood the firmament is gone and today we get lots of rain. Atlantis is a fabled city written about by Plato in the 300BC time frame. It’s really a tale about an advanced civilization that existed at one time, but vanished at some point. The idea I like about this, is is it possible that humans were more advanced that we thought and something reset us…akin to the saying “send us back to the stone age”. I do not think this is baseless idea, because even today in our current world we have humans that have gone to Moon and sent probes into space, yet there are humans on this planet that still are in the foraging phase. And finally my last topic is that of humans getting to the Americas. It is believed that humans started in the middle east somewhere around Mesopotamia which is in modern day Iraq. The narrative I was taught as a child was the humans crossed from Russia to North America over a land bridge made of ice during an Ice Age. But there is some disagreement about the earliest humans in the America’s versus when Ice Ages happened. I think this land bridge route is still valid, but I do not require an ice age to cross it. So lets start with the idea that the world we observe today is the same as the way the world was in pre-historic times. The physics and all the other rules are still the same. The water cycle still holds true. So we can assume that amount of the water on the planet today is the amount of water that was on the planet after the Great Flood. And we can assume that if we do not see a sphere of water surrounding the Earth now, there probably wasn’t one in the past. So that would mean the only way that all this water could be here now, is if it wasn’t here to begin with. With less water that would mean that there could have easily been a real land bridge between Alaska and Russia. They did not have to cross during an ice age. The bridge would have accessible at all times. The Bering Strait is only about 160 feet deep. If we lowered the Earths oceans by 160 feet, that means that much more land would be available throughout the world. For as long as history has been written, water passages have always been the most important places for humans to live. Even today we see that on the coasts there are metropolitan areas, while deep in the inland the people are much less advanced in terms of quality of life. That has changed in the last 100 years due to motor travel. But up until that point living on the coast or a river was the only way to have successful trade or strategic military advantage. So here is the idea. Back in 2011 I saw this article about how scientists had discovered a massive cloud of water deep in space. What if as one point one of these clouds passed through our solar system? It would probably take while to get here maybe a couple hundred years. But during that time a couple hundred years 6-7 generations word of mouth was the only real way to pass history. So for them 2 or 3 generations is all it would take to be “forever”. During that time the Suns reflection and heat in the atmosphere would make it appear to be sparkling water in the sky, which could explain the firmament. Once the cloud got near Earth and we started passing through it, the frozen water would melt in the atmosphere and completely saturate the air, it would then start raining. And it would not be localized like what we see now, it would be entire Earth being rained on for an extended period of time. All that water would rush out to the ocean and anything near rivers or oceans, like a human population for example, would be washed out to sea and buried by all the sediments picked up from higher elevation. Think of the world as one big mud slide. The people living in the higher elevations would not be as threatened by the flooding. And so the more advanced civilization would be destroyed and only the more simple societies in the highlands would be left, hence a reset. Once this space cloud passed, things would settle down and Earth would have a lot more water content.


  1. The Water levels have risen because there are City's under the Ocean.

    1. So Dan, w/ out a one size fit all "Thinking Helmet" on would you even CONSIDER sir, that this world which is also YOUR WORLD too, north & south polar cap regions are gradually melting like a popsicle in 100 degree direct sun rays to rise the ocean levels globally, instead of aledged Under Water Citys that even if they do exist was apparently there for centuries or perhaps even longer that may in all probability had not & still has nothing to do w/ ocean level rises.


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