Mysterious figure of an Angel on Mars Seen On Google Mars Map, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 15, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Google coordinates:  77°30'2.74"S 154°15'11.84"E

This in an Angel on Mars, drawn into the surface and it stand out at a great distance away. This is a beautiful discovery by Luxor2012ufo of Youtube. Are angels real? Probably, alien or godlike...both are correct actually since such power or intelligence is seen as...holy. Look, any species can manipulate their own genes and DNA to become greater, just as human have begun to do, but to have wings...wow!  Perhaps one day, we too will make it that far. 

Angels have been found before, for example an astronaut found a stone carving of an angel and brought it back to earth. Scientists showed it to the press, just before NASA forced the press to delete its info, due to the scientists releasing without permission. 

Scott C. Waring

Luxor2012UFO states: 
This figure is large similar to The Nazca Lines here Earth. Could be the representation of an angel or St. Michael the Archangel on Mars? Or it could be the figure of a winged centaur?


  1. Copy past this into google coordinates to find it
    77°30'2.74"S 154°15'11.84"E

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