UFO Fleet Over Chochis, Bolivia On May 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 2016
Location of sighting: Chochis, Bolivia
Source: Al Rojo Vivo

This is a TV show from Bolivia and it explores a sighting by a man near a local hospital and a mountain bluff. I cannot translate the spanish, but he also recorded them at night near the Santa Lucia Hospital. They say that the city of Chochis is a UFO hotspot. The community is very religious somehow see the UFOs as a good sign of some sort. 

If you speak Spanish, please help us out and tell us what they say about the sighting.
Scott C. Waring


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  3. - Intro, Female Journalist: "A sanctuary in Bolivia, where many say extraterrestrial ships land, the neighbors also say they see strange lights flying overhead, and that they have pictures of the alleged UFOs."

    - Reporter: "Fleets of space ships are flying over this town. That is what the amazed residents and its visitors are saying."

    - Franklin Rivero (Resident): "Pictures were taken, and there were strange light is the images, that in some way they were ascending from the side of the mountain toward the sky."

    - Reporter: "Franklin was waiting for the UFOs, which he says appear in the sky over the town's sanctuary, and he was able to capture two blue spheres ascending."

    - Franklin Rivero (Resident): "I am personally and visually a witness to this, and I do confirm this story."

    - Reporter: " This is the place where the photographs of the alleged UFO were taken, over these mountains. Others say that they don't just flyover the town, but they walk among the people."

    - Older man (with laptop): " it is thought that they land, but the ship is invisible (cloked) to human sight."

    - Reporter: "Dozens of testimonies have motivated a group of retired military investigators, to start investigations regarding the sightings."

    - Gonzalo Suarez (Military reserve): "This is a topic of impact, when we talk about UFOs, it is a topic that always awakens up human curiosity. Whether it is receiving this type of information, and even more when there are objective and clear images."

    - Reporter: "Meanwhile tourist are arriving and camping in hopes to see an extraterrestrial."

    - Walter Suarez (tourist): " from 8:30-9 pm, we look at a certain spot and lights appear that increase their luminosity."

    - Reporter: "However, the sanctuary's caretaker, assures that the lights are just naturally occurring phenomenons."

  4. I covered this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3EfjF5KZmo


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