Planet X" Madness! Is A Giant Rogue Object Heading For Earth? 7/15/16, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: July 2016
Makers of video: SecureTeam10

Here is a very enlightening video about how the discovery of Planet X had begun and how the evidence and impacted us and our beliefs. Nice video, well done and I really didn't know about the newspaper articles about it in the 1980s. 
Scott C. Waring

SecureTeam10 states: 
The point of this video was not meant to anger and/or put down believers in Planet X. After watching this topic grow back into the spotlight (after the last "doomsday" date passed), and having received so many emails from legitimately scared people, I found it necessary to speak on the situation, and rightly so. Let it be known that I am not saying that there aren't rogue planets out there in space, quite the contrary. However, there is NO concrete evidence at this point, that we are imminently facing destruction by such a planet, nor that an object as such is anywhere near our solar system. Should verifiable evidence come to light, we'll be the first to post about it, and you guys know that. Many have said that this doomsday planet has been mentioned in ancient texts, and that may be so, but it doesn't qualify as hard evidence nor does it honestly matter. Ancient texts spanning all religions throughout history, have mentioned various mythical places, people and objects, yet I say again, this does not qualify or provide us with any "proof" that such things actually existed, and as such should not be used to instill fear in those who don't deserve it. The simple fact, is that "Planet X" isn't here. According to the so-called "current evidence", Nibiru should have killed us a long time ago.. Yet here we are, talking about it again, and discussing how it didn't happen... Again. -- It didn't kill us on any of the countless dates and years that it was prophesied, and this year will be no different. Food for thought.

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  1. This guy was caught faking Cube ufo and he's obviously shilling for someone 'cos he make's it out to be a joke and say's it isn't true, well i call BULLSHIT. I've personally photographed it twice and have over 100 video's on Facebook of other People filming and taking photo's of it. Our poles have already started shifting, my compass's true north has moved


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