UFO-shaped objects Seen on the A34 On UK Freeway, Gov Tries To Explain It Away, July 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2016
Location of sighting: United Kingdom
News source: http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/14613751.Is_it_a_bird__is_it_a_plane__Mystery_of_UFO_shaped_objects_on_the_A34_solved/

This is really strange. In the UK this week a fleet of semi trucks were seen carrying dozens of UFOs on their flatbeds. These UFOs have plastic tarps over them with Chinese writing that says, "do not move." Is it possible that the Royal Air Force is transporting prototypes of a flying disk that they made using alien technology from crashes? I think its feasible. I also have to laugh at the governments excuse...since they are calling these wind turbines. I've seen wind turbines, and they don't look anything like this. The USAF did participate in a flying disk shaped UFO back in the 1990s called Project Aurora. This may be its evolution. 
Scott C. Waring

UK News states: 
Commuters on the A34 might have been forgiven for thinking they were in the middle of an alien invasion yesterday morning when 'flying saucers' arrived on the road.

Two lorries carrying the huge saucer-shaped objects were part of a convoy which was spotted travelling past Oxford. Further investigation revealed they were parts of a wind turbine being transported. 

The vehicles were caught in heavy rain as they made their journey in hazardous conditions.

Hey, there is Chinese on this UFO Tarp!


  1. There was a ufo event a few day's ago in England too, connection ?

  2. There was a ufo event a few day's ago in England too, connection ?

  3. I think there are better ways to transport ufo's

  4. Keshe is working with chinese military, UK military, and American military to make these crafts from his portable reactor that he publically and freely teaches about how to create.

  5. Did you miss the part where it says they are wind turbine parts?? Probably for the construction of this project which commenced this year. Nothing like doing a couple of minutes of research..... :(


  6. I do they know that there UFOS there not ufos.

  7. How do they know that these are UFOS?

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