Alien Base Entrance Found Under Floating Island, Argentina Aug 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2016
Location of discovery: Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Google coordinates: 34°15'07.8"S 58°49'47.4"W

A floating island has been found not far from Buenos Aires, Argentina on Google Map and it rotates in a circle. Argentina has an over abundance of UFO sightings compared to the rest of the world and I believer this is how aliens try to hide this particular entrance to their base. The shape is large and circular, big enough to fit a 100 meter UFO through it. The water below this floating island needs to be dove into and explored. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
The​ E​ye is a circle of land surrounded by a thin channel of water with an outside diameter of 130 yards. Both, the inner and outer circles, are perfect. The center circle moves and rotates on its own axis.

How long had the eye been there? What caused this weird formation? Why does it move? How can it last for so long intact without deforming? How is it possible that having no water currents, aquatic plants don’t grow and cover it entirely? We decided to investigate further.

We made our first overland expedition with some equipment, in which the impenetrable vegetation and swamps left us at only 900 yards from the circle completely exhausted. We organized a second expedition. After 8 hours of walking through different paths, we arrived.

We discovered that water is incredibly clear and cold, something totally unusual in the area. The bottom is hard in contrast to the swampy marshes surrounding it. The central part floats, ​We do not know over what… but it floats.

We want to return with a complete scientific expedition having: Scuba gear, geologists, biologists, ufologists, specialized drones and more, and take samples of the water, soil, plants and all other objects we may find.

We want to understand The Eye's relation with supernatural stories told by locals. We plan to make a movie with all the material, from expedition organization to final evaluation of the samples at the laboratory.

We need you to be a part of this adventure, help us finance this project and watch as we unfold the mystery surrounding The Eye, an opportunity exclusive to the project's contributors.

It is a concrete and irrefutable strange phenomenon located in an inaccessible place that had never before been reached by men. Join us and be the first to discover it.

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