Ancient Structure Found On Mars Near NASA Rover, Sept 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 3, 2016
Location of discovery:  Mars
Source photo: http://areo.info/mer/opportunity/2159/tn/1P319847770EFFABCXP2375L5M1_L2L5L5L7L7.jpg.html

This square doorway in a framed wall is all that is left of an ancient structure that it once was part of. This entrance is only about 5-8cm tall, tall enough to let the tiny species of aliens that once lived here pass through it.

Do you remember the statue of the woman figure on Mars...just a few centimeters tall? I also found a male figure with a bald head and a child near her. (Click here to see the woman). They would all be able to pass through this doorway. I'm not saying all the alien species were small, just one of the species...most other species...yes I said other, were as big as us, and one was 5X bigger (Mars King click here). I know others won't believe me, but the evidence is there...I found it a thousand times over...if you have followed this blog over the years...then you already know. 
Scott C. Waring