10 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape, Oct 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Oct 2, 2016
Maker of video: ApexTV

Many of these videos show beings that are there and then vanish, others that glow like white light angels. Its been suggested that aliens are not time traveling, but humans in the future are, to clean up the time line, or for personal profit. Some of these videos, I remember reporting, but most are new to me. Its easy to say something is fake, but wheres the proof of that? A lot of these were caught on CCTV city cams, those are hard to fake here in Asia...and two or more were shot here and were seen on nightly news. The old man on the bike in Russia...very odd, and the drone footage of the guy running and disappearing is great. Watch and decide for your self. Me...I'm all in. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

ApexTV states:
In this video, we look at footage of 10 people with supposed real life superpowers that have been caught on tape. From a man that is able walk through walls to a clip of an alleged real superman that was caught on camera teleporting, there have been some incredible instances in which people with superpowers have been caught on tape.