Was Justin Bieber Caught ‘Shapeshifting’ By Hundreds Of Fans, March 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: March 2017

This just in. A news site called Perth Now had an article posted that said that Justin Bieber was seen in an airport chaining into a reptilian alien. That seems a bit hard to believe for sure, and I don't even think cloaking would allow such a creature to hide from the public for as long as Justin has been in the lime light. Several things make me think Justin's not a reptilian, but he may be like Valiant Thor of Venus...an alien that is human-like, but has angel like powers. As you see from the real photo of Val Thor above, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Justin Bieber of Venus? Maybe, but he's defiantly not a reptilian.

First, we have seen Justin grow up on Youtube. Reptilians would live for thousands of years, just growing up to Justin's height could take four hundred years.

Second, I've seen Justin in concert here in Taiwan and there is no way that an alien could keep his cloak working with concert lights and strobes flashing like they do and cameras taking photos all the while...Taiwan concerts let you take photos. 

Justin is probably not a reptilian alien, but he could be a different species of alien, more human like, more intelligent, and using his skills to play the Hollywood game. And really, so what if he is. Its not like he's in politics and manipulating America in any way. He's a singer, so, why worry even if he is an alien?
Scott C. Waring