February 12, 2018

Large UFO Shows Up On Live Cam During SpaceX Tesla Car Orbit, Feb 6, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 6, 2018
Location of sighting: Earths orbit

Watch this video below carefully, and you will soon notice that there are many small white glowing objects around the car. Also most noticeably a large quadcopter shaped UFO appears out of the darkness and then suddenly the camera switches angles...as if the camera person was trying to avoid catching the UFO, but was too late. This UFO may have been following to report this to other alien worlds, gathing info on a historical event. Excellent find by Streetcap1 of Youtube

The small snowflake UFOs are not from the engine. The engine of the craft is situated below the car, making it impossible for the engines to create this effect. The white flakes come from the side, from the far distance, as if they were alive...yes, I believe them to be. 

Elon Musk came from South Africa, created the world famous Pay Pal, sold it for 1.5 billion and went on the create Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Co. and Neuralink, Solar City, and of course Open AI. Do you think he did all this alone? No, he had a lot of help from aliens. Possible using him as a tool to help humanity, or he himself may be an alien or alien species born in an underground base here on Earth itself. Ether way, He's doing immense good for humanity. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Its never left that room in bottom pic, im trying to believe this is true but ......

  2. Why didnt the tyres explode from vaccuum? Why didnt the windscreen shatter from the cold of space then instantly melt when the sun hit it? Metal is liquid in 280 degrees celcius and the temperature would be far greater and hotter? According to NASA.

  3. This reminds me the fireflies seen by John Glenn in 1962 when he was in orbit around the Earth

  4. Wow this is amazing. I've been a fan for a long time Scott, so glad you returned

  5. Is there a problem with posting my comments scott? I never swear or abuse i just put forward my thoughts. You'd think thats the reaction you'd like by discussion and creative new aspects. Nobody thinks alike or it would be boring mate and this forum is great for new ideas off most of your commentors. You cant stifle free speech brother or it makes us just as bad as the deep state tom delong john Podesta Academy to the stars is another FRONT. Hope your well mate are you into a new project or something scott because this feels like its taken a back seat mate ? Cheers mate

  6. I'm not impressed at all. That is more than likely ice particles, space debris. That close to earth, lots of debris. The alleged "ufo" looks clearly too be light refraction from earth or the sun.