Possible alien abduction??

I was laying in bed a couple years ago listening to a white noise channel on Pandora trying to fall asleep. I use to have trouble falling asleep and would do this often. I started to hear a slight buzzing sound. I could still hear the music. My eyes are closed and the buzzing sound starts to ever so slightly speed up. At this time my mind starts following the sound in a circular motion and it starts zooming by faster and faster. The music I was listening to starts to fade away as this sound speeds up. My mind keeps following the speeding circle and eventually it starts to go so fast that my mind can’t keep up with it. When it got too fast to follow, I felt a sensation from my feet that quickly moved up my body all the way up to my head. When it got to my head there was a big pop and a massive relief. It felt like a pipe bursting. After the pop the noise went immediately away. My body now felt stiff. I could only open my eyes. The music is playing again without me realizing it was playing. I kind of laid there thinking what happened and eventually fell asleep. I have no idea what happened. Any ideas?
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