UFO Sighting In Taiwan of 6 UFO Crafts near Mountain. Oct 25, 2010 UFO Sighting News.

I had to make this post again since it was deleted for unknown reasons. so here it goes. SCW

Sighting location: Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Taiwan 
Date of sighting: Oct 25, 2010

Mr. Nien was in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area when he decided to snap a few pictures. The pictures he took were only 7 seconds apart. This means that the crafts speed was faster than the human eye could see it. This fits with what we believe alien tech is capable of. Mr. Nien took the photos at 9:41 AM and did not notice anything unusual when he had taken it. It was when he uploaded the photos to his computer that he noticed the UFO. Another UFO sighting in Taiwan back in Jan of 2004. It was all over every TW news station and newspaper. I (Scott C. Waring) even talked to an F-16 Teacher in the Taiwan Air Force and he said it looks like they are in flight formation and getting ready for something. Then he noted that they seem to shoot off one by one, then are replaced by another glowing UFO from below. I have seen had a similar sighting personally when I was in South Dakata, Rapid city. Very similar in appearance, except we saw the glowing balls fly away quickly one by one.