Alien Face Carved In Wall On Mars, Coincidence? NASA Source, UFO Sighting News.

Source: https://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/01189/mcam/1189MR0053890030602530E01_DXXX.jpg

I found a wall that I looked at for a moment because it looked like it was hand made, similar to the ancient Egyptian walls, but the Egyptians built their pharos into the walls. Then I noticed the face, and it was just irritating and too prominent to be a mistake. Its too easy to dismiss things in photos, but no true detective dismisses anything so easily. In this field, evidence is found in photos, thus, finding a face with this much detail is true evidence. It tells us what this species of aliens looked like. Actually they are not the aliens...since its their world. Its us that would be the aliens to them.