Queen Guitarist Dr Brian May Discovered An Alien Face On Asteroid Bennu While Working With NASA, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 12, 2020
Location of discovery: Asteroid Bennu
Source photo: https://www.asteroidmission.org/bennus-boulder-1-stereo-pair-stereoscope-version/

I was searching NASAs asteroid Bennu photos when I found a face. The face was at the center of the photo, so its clear the person at NASA saw it too. I read the description and it kinda blew me away and confirmed my beliefs at the same time, because the lead guitarist of the band Queen found the face first! Dr Brian May of the band Queen was working with NASA and sneakily revealed to the world an alien face he found on asteroid Bennu. Dr May deliberately focused on this boulder because he saw the face that we all see. He wanted the rest of us to see it too. Brian May...always the rebel. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Description states: 
This set of stereoscopic images provides a 3D view of Benben Saxum, the large, 170-foot (52-meter) boulder that juts from asteroid Bennu’s southern hemisphere and the rocky slopes that surround it. The stereo pair was created by stereo image processing scientists Dr. Brian May, who is also the lead guitarist for the rock band Queen, and Claudia Manzoni. In January, May and Manzoni formally joined NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission science team as collaborators to create stereoscopic data products, which will be used by the team while selecting a sample collection site on Bennu. “I’m proud to have been adopted as a collaborator on the OSIRIS-REx team, along with my colleague Claudia Manzoni,” said May. “Our passion is producing stereoscopic (3-D) images from the astounding data that the OSIRIS-REx mission has been collecting."