Will We See The Utah Monolith In An Auction House Soon? Or Was It Taken To Area 51? UFO Sighting News.

 The first monolith in the Utah desert has...as I have already predicted earlier...disappeared. No sooner has it vanished than another metal monolith with a top slightly diagonal appeared in Romania. The Romania version is clearly a fake...a reproduction. How do I know? Easy, I worked on B1 bombers and KC135 tankers planes back in the USAF. I often would have to sand down the paint on the metal to repaint it. This Romanian monolith has the rounded grinding marks of a person with poor skills at using a grinder or sander. Had they held it correctly, the sanding marks would not exist.

What happened to the original monolith? 

1. I place an 80% chance it was stollen due to its fame and the gov saying it wants theirs...so it will soon be sold anonymously at Christies Auction house. 

2. I place a 15% chance that MIB or gov workers dressed in black military outfits and black trucks came and removed to object for fear its an actual alien probe or ship. NASA space probes are hollow...this monolith is said to have sounded hollow. Taken to Area 51 to cut it open and try to find out what it is and if any of its technology could be useful to the US military. 

3. I place a 5% chance on this actually being an alien ship or probe and that the object itself has moved its location, because the pilot who had walked away from it...may have looked human and was mingling and living in a city not too far away and thought this desert location was safe to leave the ship. Invasion? No...just a single craft is not an invasion. Pre invasion? Why? To take by force our iPhones, TVs, Computers? We have nothing other than our friendship and this planet to share with them. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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