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UFO Over Fremont, California on Feb 2020, MUFON, UFO Sighting New.

Source: MUFON 
Location of sighting: Fremont, California, USA

Guys there is a close up before and at the end of this video I made to help you see it better. I hope it helps. This is an outstanding video of a circular disk craft shooting across the sky trying to make itself look like a meteor. Its not a meteor, its going too slow and at an angle that would be impossible for a meteor. 100% proof that aliens fly over cities in California. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: Taking my dog for a walk when I saw this about 6pm. going north over Fremont, Ca. took video with iphone. this is an mp4 video.


10KM Tower On Mercury, Absolute Proof Aliens Exist In Our Solar System, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 6, 2020
Location of discovery: Mercury

 I found a second tower on Mercury. It really isn't that hard, but like I said before, people feel everything has been found and so they never take a look. This tower is over 10km tall! Thats massive. There is nothing on earth that is man made that tall. Its just increadible that this could go unnoticed by scientists worldwide, or perhaps they were scared of other scientists making fun of them. Either way, its there...its amazing. 
Scott C Waring -Taiwan 


Alien Face Seen In Australia Bush Fire Smoke, Jan 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Jan 2020
Location of sighting: Australia wild fires

Now this is something that just blows my mind. A person was taking photos of the horrendous wildfires in Australia and caught a face poking up from the ground. It looks like a devil. But I believe its an alien that is in an underground base about 6km below the surface who is really seen here. His thoughts...and concerns are visible in his face. You see, aliens can use the power of the mind to see whats going on at the surface. His thoughts accidentally caused the smoke to take form of his face while he was in his meditative state. Smoke is the lightest and easiest form of matter for a telepathic to manipulate. The alien didn't mean to create it. Its just that his thoughts are so powerful that the clouds molded around his telepathic projection unintentionally. Absolutely amazing find by Youtuber UFOvni2012. 
Scott C. Waring