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UFO seen and photographed in Poland, This Day In History, July 26, 2003, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting:  July 26, 2003
Location of sighting: Brzostek, Poland

Here is an awesome historical sighting that happened 13 years ago today. We have to look at the past to better understand the present. UFO sightings and dates may have a pattern that we may one day realize. The evidence from sightings of the past, can also teach us about smaller details of movement, speed, position, shape and even how it sounds. This can all help us decide if a recent sighting is real or not. It gives us something to compare it too. 
Scott C. Waring

Report states: 
I just recently received this report from Poland, and because translations are fair at best, I will only relate the very basics of the report, and publish the picture, which says a lot by itself, if legitimate. 

I want to thank Tomek Wierszalowicz, of , who has been an indispensable go-between in this investigation. He has worked hard to get permission from the newspaper (Wiadomosci Brzosteckie) to publish the pictures, and has sent me all the photographs on this report. 

The sighting occurred on Saturday, July 26, 2003, at 14.00 hours. The unidentified object was first noticed as it flew above the city of Skurowa at an extremely high altitude. Then it changed course and flew over a market. The initial photos were taken while the witness (who maintains his anonymity) was in his garden, but when the object began to move away, he looked for a better vantage point. 

He quickly ran to his balcony, and took several more photos of the object. As the photos were taken, the object was not very clear to the witness, who hoped that the film would show the object good enough for study. The report stirred enough publicity in the area that a local newspaper carried the report with a photograph. The witness is soliciting corroboration from others, through the newspaper, who saw and / or photographed the unknown object.