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UFO Fleet Hovering Over LAX Airport Area March 27, 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 27, 2019
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA

These UFOs were seen over Los Angeles near the LAX airport last week. The eyewitness is an experience person who often sees aircraft since they work for a company called Menzies seen on the side of the fuel truck in the video. The objects in the sky are dark black and hovering in place. They do strange fade in and out of focus. I don't believe its the cameras focus problem, but I do think its the UFO which is equipped with a camouflage shield that reflects the nearby colors of the sky and cloud. That shield is working off and on for some odd reason. I would guess that aliens accounted for our atmosphere when adjusting their shields, however probably did not take into account the depth of the air pollution in Los Angeles...which by the way, East Los Angeles is my place of birth, so yeah, I know its history with UFOs. My mom was there during the Battle of Los Angeles UFO sighting in the 1940s. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
I constantly look up and try to record what i see out of context subscribe to stay updated cause i only post raw stuff not trying to feed false information.


Robert Bingham Summons UFOs Causing U2 Spy plane To Investigate...Crashing LAX Control Tower Computers! April 19, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 19, 2014
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA
Source: Email Report

Hey everyone, today I got an email from UFO researcher Robert Bingham in Los Angeles. He recorded a U2 spy plane during summoning UFOs. He was summoning UFOs and a U2 came to investigate the airspace! They must have seen the UFOs on radar. He summons a lot and there are always other witnesses that record his UFOs as well as himself, but this time the U2 comes...the same U2 that wreaked havoc by disabling the LA airport control tower. Awesome catch by Bingham and I thank him very much for sending it into us here at USD. SCW

Eyewitness states:
We were summoning UFOS in Highland Park as we do each weekend and I noticed this interesting plane flying above our session.  I managed to take a few pictures of this amazing plane and when I studied the images later I discovered it was the U2 Spy plane!  A top secret Military AirCraft.  I shared this information with my friends and colleagues and we analyzed the photos and concluded it was the U2.  A few days later Yahoo News posted a story on there homepage that the U2 spy plane was in fact flying over Los Angeles and had shut down numerous flights at LAX!

This was a wild coincidence and further verified my claim that I did capture this one of a kind military aircraft.

See the various mainstream media coverage of this event of the U2 spy plane flying over my area in Highland Park.

Yahoo News:

USA Today:

This is actually the second time I've photographed the U2 Spy Plane during my career of UFO Summoning 12 years ago.  I am working to find that original image in my database and will post the second photograph of the U2 in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all your support.  I look forward to your feedback.

All the best,

Robert Bingham
The Summoner


Mass UFOs Seen Over Long Beach, California On KTLA TV News, Aug 19, 2012.

Date of sighting: August 19, 2012
Location of sighting: Long beach, California, USA

Eyewitness states:

Long Beach, CA 10:24pm. I tried to get them to use the same shot one night later, to verify if these unusually bright lights were stars. I'm not sure if my message got through, but they did use several Long Beach shots throughout the broadcast... just not THIS one!!! I'll try contacting more people for the next night's broadcast.


UFOs Over LAX Airport Caught On Live Cam, Check Out Cam Now To See!

Date of sighting: Aug 9, 2012
Location of sighting: LAX Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA

The lights are back. These glowing lights are visible right now on live ABC cam. I saw these glowing UFOs once before and posted a video to Youtube but its been a long time since they came back. If you check right now, you may see them and if you do please leave a comment below. These change positions and are not airplanes. Planes do not travel so close together and in such hover in position.



Watching Live UFO Sighting NOW at LAX Cam, Jan 9 2012.

Date of sighting: January 9, 2012
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA

Hi guys, I am currently recording the screenshots of the LAX live cam (for 45 min) that are have a mass of glowing orbs moving around again. I recorded this over a year ago and am happy to see them return. Note if you are curious have a look at the link below. This is a cam that takes photos every few minutes, not live video. Also have to renew the page every minute yourself, the cam won't do it for you, lazy cam.

I will post a video of all the screenshots put together so you can see in 2 hours, because I have a call to teach. They are not airplanes or helicopters because there are no landing red lights but only white lights that I think are only visible to the digital cam. Also aircraft towers would not line up jets so close, ruling out aircraft. It looks like they are leaving because the number of UFOs dropped to just 1 or 0 per photo. Check it out, maybe you will catch some. SCW
Update: Since I made the UFO report here, the sighting has stopped, LOL maybe they are a currently reading our site's news. Sorry I could not report it while it was happening but the time between the photos differ of 1-4 min so I didn't want to miss a single one. Will post more photos and a video of it in few hours. If you see more, please leave ur report in the comments below. SCW

Live cam at:


UFO Sighting happening NOW at LAX on live internet cam! Check it out!

UFO Sighting happening NOW at LAX on live internet cam! Check it out!

I am currently watching black UFO orbs flying over LAX airport on live internet cam. Check out these screenshots. I will upload a video later of them put together so you can see them moving.

The cam takes a new photo every 1 to 3 minutes so watch the movement and take screenshots of them to compare the movement.

LAX cam at:

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VIDEO: Mass UFO Sighting of 7-8 Glowing Orbs at Los Angeles, California Dec 6, 2010.

Date of sighting: December 6, 2010 20:44:00

Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA

I was watching the live cam that was looking in opposite direction from LAX airport and I noticed these hovering glowing orbs over a freeway in LA. The first time I saw the cam it looked like a row of glowing orbs on a long wing, much like the famous Phoenix Lights UFO back in Arizona in 1996 which was seen by thousands of people.

After seeing this unusual craft, I scwbooks got onto Twitter and posted the info so others could confirm my sighting live. Several others did saying that they saw the UFOs on the live cam. I also posted it on Facebook while it was happening. I did this because confirmation of a sighting is most important. I also immediacy emailed for confirmation.

This is happing right over a LA freeway!! Now I don’t know if drivers could see this because this is a night cam, which can see beyond the spectrum of the human eye, but I sure hope someone else out there is recording it besides me!

I reported on a similar UFO sighting last month on the same cam and this is the exact same craft as before, but this time it is much closer that last time. Whatever it is, it is amazing.

Please check out this cam from time to time, since this is the second sighting of this UFO, but just in a slightly different and closer location this time.

Written by and sighting by Scott C. Waring, UFO researcher.

Dec 6, 2010 Mass UFO sighting over LA by SCW.

UFO OVER LAX Airport on Nov 12-13, 2010 by Scott C. Waring.

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UFO Sighting over LAX, Los Angeles, CA on Nov 12, 2010, HAPPENING NOW!

UFO Sighting over LAX, Los Angeles, CA on Nov 12, 2010, HAPPENING NOW!

Date of sighing: Nov 12 2010

Location of sighting: LAX, LA, California, USA

I was watching the live web cams again and caught sight of another unusual sight on the LAX live cam. Now seeing something flying above an airport is no big deal, but this has been over the airport for over three hours! It looks like a very long UFO is over LA right now as I write this. If you visit the live cam below, you will see it too.

The four lights in a row sometimes turn off and on, but if these lights are a single UFO, then it is over three city blocks long, in comparison to the skyscrapers below it.

These four lights move in unison slightly up or down, but usually slightly left or right. They never move from being in line with each other. That is why I assume they are a single craft.

Far to their right were three other lights. These lights look like orbs, same as the four on the right, but they change position from one above and two below. These three orbs sit in a triangle position, but the triangle rotates in position every few minutes.

Check out the below cam before the UFOs leave!!!

The live LAX cam is at

The below video made me look at the LA cams.

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