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Are You An Alien Human Hybrid? Find Out Now. Oct 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Aug 13, 2015

Do you have knowledge that you can't explain where it came from, and yet its there? Can you feel this knowledge inside you, like it was in your DNA? Like an animal born with the knowledge of flying south for the winter, its in you...without any reason as to how you got it? Then you may be an alien hybrid. These hybrids were not made for aliens to mingle with humanity, they were made to raise the level of awareness of humanity. If you find yourself saying yes, then, have you put off that calling in side you, or have you strengthened it and made it grow...allowed it to become your passion. Like Mark you really think he just got lucky? Luck had nothing to do with it. Its about skill, focus and passion...which is still working well for him...and yet its also raising the awareness of humanity to the things around them. 
Scott C. Waring

Video states:
One of the most disturbing claims involving extraterrestrials the creation of human-alien hybrids. Abductees insist that Grays routinely extract human egg and sperm samples and combine them with alien genes in special breeding rooms. The resulting human-alien embryos are said to gestate in incubator-like trays until, some months later, they are "born." The delicate, beatific-looking hybrids crave the loving human touch, it is said, but can survive only in the protective cocoon of the alien ship.Virtually all UFO investigators contend that if hybrids exist, they do so only up there, on Gray vessels in the great beyond. But we at OMNI would like to propose another option: Perhaps the aliens have also created embryos that are, say, 25 percent alien and 75 percent human, and have gestated them not in an incubator, but in an actual earthbound human abductee. If so, this heartier, distinctly more human version of the hybrid might be among us. One of them might even be . . . YOU!

Extraterrestrials known as Alien-Human Hybrids are created through processes and procedures that occur during and after the abduction of, and/or visits with, Humans by ETs and Advanced Intelligences. Many, but not all, Hybrid beings are a biological combination between Humans and what we believe to be Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences.