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Alien Autopsy Video 100% Real, Proof That It Came From Actual Roswell UFO Crash Site! Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of alien autopsy: July 1947
Body retrieved from Roswell, New Mexico UFO Crash.
Location of autopsy: Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA

Now I know that there is a UK musician who claims to have created this video, but I say he lied because he was paid by the US CIA to take credit for the video and thus spread disinformation so that the public would no longer believe that this real video is real. UK musician Ray Santilli, was paid by the CIA or MI5 working through the CIA to cause the public to stop believing in this raw footage from the Roswell UFO crash. I stake my reputation on that! For instance the CIA had a program that started in the 1950s to use money to cause disinformation and control what the public believes...its called Project Blue Bird.  

For years this raw footage has been circulating the web and many try to say its a hoax, but I am here to tell you this...there has never in the history of man, been a more real video of an alien ever released than this one. This video has 22 minutes and 47 seconds of pure unadulterated raw footage. 

Let me explain to you why this is 100% real:

1. This video was taken in back in 1947, fakes were not being made until 2008,  when Youtube started monetization of videos and people discovered they could make money from video views. 

2. I analyzed the picture quality, saturation and contrast and came to the conclusion that it is from the 1940s. I came to this conclusion after analyzing ten different Hollywood movies from 1947, like Gentlemans Agreement, A Double Life, Mourning Becomes Electra and Miracle and 34th Street and many more. All made in 1947 and all the movies clarity, black and white contrast, vibrance, and brightness match the alien autopsy footage. 

3. The technique the doctors are using for the autopsy matches exactly how an autopsy would take place in the 1940s. 

4. The autopsy video shows detailed inside organs, blood and bones that no video would show until the year 1970s. 

5. Not only is the autopsy of an alien seen in the video, but actual metal parts from the Area 51 crash site were seen in the doctors hands with the only high detail of the alien writing symbols in existence! (16:58 to 19:43 mark).

6: At the 18:29 mark, we see the metal beam taken from the Roswell UFO crash. At the end of broken...jagged and shows that it broke under pressure. This kind of detail would only be seen in real footage, a fake would not think of this extreme detail. 

7. Also the hand controls of the UFO were seen at the 18:08 mark. You can see that the controls were mere hand marks pressed deeply into the metal for the alien to place their six fingered hands. This was how they controlled the craft...through tying themselves metal with the craft, using telepathic control. All computers tech was built directly into the material itself...not nano tech, but much smaller and a billions of years of technological innovation to make it. Also note, as the man places it on the table, it appears to be incredibly light, an advancement that only alien tech could achieve. Did you notice the holes in the hand imprints on the controls? That allows for a more pure connection to the craft. 

8. The paper tags on the UFO metal says W-377 and another says W-130. The W stands for the location of the alien and the fragments were at when this movie was made...Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. Notice the (-) after the W is also in the AFB name? the patterns to see the evidence. 

Overall I find that this raw footage of an alien autopsy and artifacts taken from the Roswell crash are 100% real, and nothing and no-one will ever be able to disprove this footage. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


KGB Files Reveal Russia UFO crash and recovery of 1968, Alien Autopsy (original video) UFO Sighting News.

Date of UFO crash: March 1969
Location of UFO crash: Yekaterinburg, USSR

This is the Secret KGB UFO Files, The Russian Crash of 1969. Its real, 100% and I can find no flaws in it. Its an old film bought on the blackmarket for 10K US and some how leaked to the public. I see why. The video shows both an alien craft, and a blueish green alien body that was recovered. This is enough to cause panic across the planet if the news ever got hold of it. You ask, are aliens real? But its probably the same questions they ask about us. I can vouch for this evidence at being real. You have my word on it. 

This leads to another thing...the continuing of the Apollo missions...covertly. NASA pretended to end the missions after Apollo 17, but they continued past 20. Russia was part of it. The NASA symbol has both flags in a cooperation displayed in the Apollo 20 videos. Apollo 20 took place about 1974-1975. Just 4-5 years after the UFO crash in the USSR. 

I remember talking to Willam Rutledge (astronaut on Apollo 20) on Youtube messages, and he said there was a cigar UFO and a triangle UFO in Deporte crater on our moon. They explored both. I had doubts, but I was the first person to ever find the ship in Deporte crater and report it to the public. William was very excited and didn't expect such a photo existed, but he liked it when I told him about it. He must have been about 77 when we spoke, but...may not be with us anymore and stopped talking to anyone after his Youtube account was hacked by the US government. 
Scott C. Waring

Report states:
The details of a Russian Crash on or about 1969 are sketchy and somewhat suspect. This case comes from the so-called "Secret KGB Files," which were reportedly smuggled out of the former Soviet Union. Reportedly, $10,000 was paid for the information. The details of these secret files were first offered to the general public on 9-13-98 as part of a TNT special titled "The Secret UFO Files of the KGB." The show featured extraordinary film and still photographs of the UFO recovery, and also a portion of autopsy film on part of an alien body. 

The event itself, according to the files, occurred in the state of Sverdlovsky, which was formerly Yekatrinburg of the USSR. The crash story follows a familiar pattern normally associated with this type of report. The fiery crash of an unknown object occurred in March 1969. The site was secured by the Russian military, and one dead alien was found in the wreckage. The remains of the craft and alien were brought to a secure location, and the alien body was autopsied. Both still and moving pictures were taken of the craft, its retrieval, and the alien autopsy. The autopsy shows only an alien torso and arm. From the size of the body parts, the alien would have been an extremely small being. 

The TNT special features Roger Moore, veteran actor and former James Bond, who discusses other UFO events, along with interviews with UFO experts, CIA agents, and other film. Probably the most notable footage is from MIG gun cameras of confrontations with UFOs. There have been only a few still frames of this footage in America, and I have not been able as of this writing, 11-01-2002, to obtain the videos. The show itself is mediocre, and its only redeeming quality is the presentation of the UFO crash story. Supposedly, the crash story was validated by secret KGB documents. 

The footage at the crash site does seem to be authentic at least on several points. The truck in the film is a circa 1950 model ZIS151, which has not been used by the military for quite some time, and the truck would have been difficult to find to stage a hoax with. Other elements of the film do not exhibit any obvious signs of a hoax, as to the movement of the soldiers, the timing of the film as to shadows, and the UFO itself. 

There are also several documents shown to verify the event itself, and an eyewitness to the event who swears that the recovery mission did occur. The footage of the autopsy film shows personnel without caps and gowns, which seemed odd to me at first, but after some research I found that this was commonplace for that era in Russia. 
The furnishings in the room are acceptable, and in Russia have probably not changed much today. Three men in their 20's and 30's are performing the procedure, and one woman is taking notes. The note taker is identified as KGB stenographer O. A. Pshonikina. The alien's torso and arm are lying together on the table as the autopsy is performed, and there are documents shown to support the autopsy. 

Although the USA-Russia relationship is much improved over a few years ago, it still lacks. Any information received is subject to translation, and often times there are problems with interpretation. It is sad there is not more cooperation between the two countries. The case of the 1969 retrieval and autopsy are difficult to assess. Until more information is uncovered, it will remain unsubstantiated. 


Alien Body And Tech Recovered In Mexico Meteor Crash Forces Locals To Consider UFO Crash Caused Power Outage, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 28 or 27, 2013
Location of sighting: Ichmul, Yucatan, Mexico

Now this was a such a powerful meteor that fell that power everywhere nearby blacked out, but I want to say this looks like ancient alien technology. Look at the body of what looks to be an alien skeleton drone...robot or space suit, because there is no way even an alien body could withstand falling from space and still look this good. The people who found it all over said they found "parts" all over the ground...they didn't use the word pieces, which means they thought they looked like technology. 

In the photo above...stop reading and what is your first thought when looking at this photo above? Yeah, probably the same as mine. It looks like the helmet for an alien or even more likely an alien robot. This is alien tech and its in the hands of people that haven't the slightest clue at how valuable it is. Alien tech is so advanced that the circuitry is built with the body in once piece...think of the blood veins inside our body but micro size. 
These objects are mostly hollow with the exact same thickness of outer shell. That should be impossible, even a geode has unevenness in places. 

Let me present to you the scenario I believed happened. The drone or alien robot was doing maintenance outside the ship when it accidentally was cut loose attached to some large piece of equipment, maybe radar or communications. I say communications because then if communications could work for it, this probably would not have happened. The robot or alien in a suit works hard to establish communications, but failed and was caught in Earths gravitational field, pulling it though our atmosphere, scorching it and melting it along the way. Thats what I believed happened. 

The country that gets its hands on this technology could potentially change the world. I am confident if the technology still has this much structure, then there should be a lot of remnants that remain 100% intact within it. Good luck finding any of the pieces of it, I am sure the CIA/NSA will have it in their hands before the end of the week, and out of the public eye. SCW