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Aliens Abduct Man In Puerto Rico And Reveal Meteor About To Wipe Out Earth, 1988, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of contact: 1988
Location of contact: Puerto Rico

This is a sighting...that pushing me in the back of my mind. Its inspiring to know that aliens abducted many individuals from many location and taught them together about the future fate of the world. None of the other abductees have ever been identified, and probably tried to hide the experience from all others, but not this brave guy in Puerto Rico. He not only reported it, he got some great photos of military jets making fly bys of the UFO when he got off. Check out his video will change how you see things. 
Scott C. Waring

Video States: 
How did a guy from Puerto Rico who claimed he was abducted by aliens know about a New World Order in 1988? An abduction tale that included a post-Apocalyptic Earth one world government run by aliens living on an artificial island in the middle of a dark, dirty black sea.

The video posted below is a 1991 interview with a man named Amaury Rivera Toro--we'll call him 'Rivera'--who claimed he was abducted by aliens in Puerto Rico on May 14, 1988. Rivera was interviewed in 1991 by Jim Cunningham at the First international UFO Conference at the Riveria Hotel in Las Vegas. Along with his fantastical tale of an alien abduction including half-human demon-like beings, an 'extraterrestrial human' and holographic projections Rivera produced photos of a UFO and a fighter jet Rivera claimed he took immediately after his Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Along with the video we found a written account from Rivera that revealed more details.

Is Rivera's alien abduction tale false and the photos a hoax?

In the video a UFO investigator claimed he spoke with other Puerto Ricans who claimed they came in contact with a 'Man in Black' similar to the one in Rivera's close encounter.

If we were conspiracy theorists we'd wonder whether Rivera's close encounter was with humans who planted, in 1988, the seeds of a False Flag alien invasion; evil humans bent on building a one world government, New World Order.

If we believed in Biblical prophecies we'd wonder if the 'beings' Rivera encountered were demons and fallen angels; one of the holographic 'projections' Rivera saw, a vision of a post-Apocalyptic future-a 'New World Order' run by the Antichrist from a island located in a Hades type sea.

Rivera, in the 1991 video interview:
"I encountered two small beings, two small strange men which I didn't think were men from outerspace.

Rivera's written account was posted at the Phantoms and Monsters website.

Rivera claimed he came across a thick blanket of fog while driving home at 4:30 am on a lonely stretch of a country backroad:
"Suddenly I heard what I initially thought were the sounds of hooves on the paved road. Calves? The sound was coming from the left side, the driver's side, my side.

I turned my head towards where the sound was emanating from and to my great surprise what I saw in that moment changed my whole sense of reality. Jogging alongside my old car was a... midget? child? "What the ____ is it?", I remember thinking to myself. My mind was going wild. I didn't know what to think. Demons? "Oh, my God, it's a demons," I thought. I was scared beyond description.
Rivera claimed the 'being' wore a small, olive-green, one piece suit. A being 3-4 ft. tall with white skin, a huge head and black bulging eyes. Rivera claimed a second identical being approached the passenger side of his car. Rivera claimed he pissed in his pants then passed out.

Video interview:

"They took me somewhere where there were other people besides myself. The other human people like from Puerto Rico I guess."

In Rivera's written account Rivera claimed he and his car wound up in what he described as an underground parking lot:
"When I woke up I had no idea of my whereabouts. I was still seated in my car but I was no longer on the road. I found myself in a strange place where there were other cars. These other cars were empty. I distinctly remember looking around for a sign that would read "Exit." There were none in this place that looked like an underground parking lot. There were no doors that I could see; no windows either. The colors of the walls were a non metallic light gray."
Rivera claimed he saw one of the beings who reached out and touched Rivera's forehead with it's 'tiny hand' rendering Rivera unconscious. Rivera awoke in a room with 14 other terrified people; a light grey illuminated room. Out of nowhere the 'man in black' and two beings appeared.

Video interview:
"From here another human being showed up, he claimed to be from a distant planet. He was dressed in black, had dark skin but he was not a Negro. He had a long black hair to the shoulders and he spoke to us with the mouth, verbally. And no telepathic speaking. "

Written account:
"This man was dressed in a black shirt and black pants. His shoes were of the same color. His skin was a dark tan complexion. Like the skin color of an Arab or a Hindu. He did not appear to be tall; maybe 5 feet 7 inches or so. He stood before us and the two small beings situated themselves — one to his right, the other to his left. This man with long black shoulder length hair spoke to us in perfect Spanish. He claimed to be as human as we are but from a different planet, another world which rotates around an alien star (sun)."
Rivera claimed the "extraterrestrial human", the man in black, showed the terrified humans 'projections':


Asteroid is Approaching Earth At 1/10 Between Us And the moon, In a few hours, April 21, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of event: April 20, 2015 (Today)
Location of event: Earth

NASA didn't give the public much notice about this one. This asteroid will approach within 58,000 km from the Earth. Thats 1/10 the distance from the Earth to the moon right now. Sure it will never hit us, but there is a chance and since this astroid is object is said by NASA to be 9.2-21 meters across. Now times that by 2.5 and you probably have a true estimate of its size. NASA also says its velocity is 15.98 km per second. With a speed like that this object could turn into a massive disaster whipping out whole cities if it hits. Thanks goodness the Earth is covered by 75% water so that helps a lot with lowering the chances. SCW


Russian scientist spies mountain-sized asteroid heading our way, Dec 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Asteroid name: 2014 UR116
Scientist name: Vladimir Lipunov, a professor at Moscow State University
Date of announcement: December 2014

Yahoo news states:
In the film, Lipunov says it's difficult to calculate the orbit of big objects like 2014 UR116 because, as they hurtle through the solar system, their trajectories are constantly being altered by the gravitational pull of nearby planets. "We need to permanently track this asteroid, because even a small mistake in calculations could have serious consequences," he said. 
There is little indication that this particular asteroid could hit the Earth in the next few decades, though over a much longer period a collision looks quite likely, says Natan Esmant, an expert with the official Space Research Institute in Moscow. A more serious issue, he says, is the estimated 100,000 near-Earth objects, such as asteroids and comets, which can cross our planet's orbit and are large enough to be dangerous. Only about 11,000 have so far been tracked and cataloged. (More at source).