Ancient Water Dam With Alien Face Near It On Mars, June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Photo source: http://hirise-pds.lpl.arizona.edu/PDS/EXTRAS/RDR/PSP/ORB_003100_003199/PSP_003115_1810/PSP_003115_1810_RGB.NOMAP.browse.jpg

This week a UFO researcher who goes by the name of Martian Archeology on Youtube found what looks like to many to be a intelligently made water dam. I have to agree, this does look like it held water and I did find signs of some ancient black structures in the photo a little ways away. Also I found the face of the species that lived in this area of Mars. The face has a beard and mustache and a face similar to humans, but its lost a lot of details over the years. I told you, when you find a face, you are in a once populated area of Mars. SCW


  1. Held water? Can't you see that it IS water???!!!!

  2. Held water? Can't you see that it IS water???!!!!

  3. I find it quite interesting that American President Obama has stated that he wants his face to be sculpted onto the ISS hull, possibly mars terrain in the future. Coincidence? Common intelligent thoughts to put faces on popular land regions?


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