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Poll Results Are In, Only 29% of voters say the donut creature is "just a rock." May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of Poll: May 2014
Total poll time: 7 days

The poll was taken over 7 days and this one is very important to me. You see, I get a lot of comments saying, "Scott its a rock," and I really wanted to see how may of you believe the same way. So I set up this poll to tell us the percentage of those that can see the items that I point out and those that cannot. 71% of readers believe the donut creature on Mars was more than just a rock. That is a huge about of the public. You hear that NASA?

Total Votes=1148

Question: Why didn't NASA turn the rover around to investigate the donut rock that moved?
342 or 29% votes: Because its a rock.
340 or 29% votes: Because discovering life is not their true purpose.
232 or 20% votes: Because the publics opinion is not important. 
167 or 14% votes: Because it's alive.
  67 or 6% votes: Because they don't care.

I love this...only 342 votes say its just a rock. Thats 29% of the total votes. I feel better now. Most of the readers here can see the items I point out. Thank you so much for that. I was feeling a bit lonely there for a while. 

Also the fact that 29% of the people believe that discovering life is not NASAs true purpose. That they have a secret mission to accomplish and the public is not allowed to know. NASA needs to work on their public image by telling the truth more. SCW


Results of our recent poll.

Our Poll Question: "What will happen on Dec 21, 2012?"
606 Votes (66%)   1. Just another day.
240 Votes (26%)   2. Alien ships will show up over major cities around the world.
126 Votes (13%)   3. Solar Storm causing all electronics and internet to fail.
60 Votes (6%)       4. A great flood as shown in the Mayan Dresden Codex.
57 Votes (6%)       5. A nuclear war will begin.
50 Votes (5%)       6. A super volcano in Yellowstone will erupt.



Results from our two UFO polls this week.

1st Poll:  "Do you believe aliens walk among us?"NOTE: You could chose 2 answers resulting in more than 100%.    Total=105%    (This will be corrected next time to one vote per person.)      
               71% (364 votes) Yes They do.
               16% (85 votes) I don't know.
                 9% (50 votes) Yes, I have met one before.
                 9% (49 votes) No, it's just an urban legend.

2nd Poll: "Why does NASA hide the existence of aliens?" NOTE: You could chose 2 answers resulting in more than 100%. Total=153%
                53% (250 votes) To prevent the public from panicking.
                53% (247 votes) To control what the public thinks.
                30% (141 votes) To keep America as a world power.
                10% (51 votes) To get a foothold on other planets.
                  7% (35 votes) They don't.


Results So Far of "How Will Alien Disclosure Happen?" Poll.

These are the results of the poll currently, but remember the results may change in the next 6 days. So far, its looking like "Alien motherships will appear over worlds largest cities," is far ahead, but a at a close second it the belief that "Freedom hackers will unleash the truth."