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Many UFOs Ullapool, Scotland Seen During Sunset On April 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 10?, 2015
Location of sighting: Ullapool, Scotland

This is a UFO that was caught during sunset. As I have said before, a UFO cloak becomes most vulnerable during sunset, due to the fact the sunlight is a major part of the cloak. What I mean is that light bends around the ship from behind and moves 180 degrees around the ship on all sides (person is below the ship is in the center, the sun is in the sky).
However if the sun is setting then one side of the ship has to over compensate...meaning to bend light 180+90 degrees more! This is not possible if the shield is to work fully. Thus, the UFO becomes visible for a few minutes. SCW

News states:
Conspiracy theories have emerged around UFOs after a picture was taken above the west coast of Scotland. Neil Borthwick captured the pictures of flying-saucer shaped clouds from his home in Ullapool last night after he saw them above Loch Broom. The 54 year old soon posted them online, prompting conspiracy theories to blossom.

William Topping, from South Shields, wrote on Facebook: “You might be laughing but these exact same cloud formations turned up on several different sites today and were witnessed at over 20 locations in the northern hemisphere, all within 60 minutes of each other.
“And as stated, absolutely identical, carbon copies.

“Now that is spooky…
“So much so, NASA took a whole load of them down within minutes of publishing.”

Mr Borthwick was less taken in, unwilling to believe aliens would visit Ullapool.

He said: “It was shortly after 8pm, I just happened to glance at the window and I thought, that’s interesting.

“I went out onto the street beyond mine to get a photo. I’d reckon the clouds were in view for up to half an hour.

“There were other people taking photos of the sky – the sunset was spectacular apart from the fact the clouds were there.

He added: “I’m not suggesting for one minute we are being invaded by aliens. If they ever did come I’m not sure they would land in Ullapool anyway.”