UFO lands in Bejing, China, UFO sighting.

UFO lands in Beijing, astonishing video comes to light

Source: allnewsweb.com

The video below has just been uploaded onto the Internet. It shows what might well be a UFO of extraterrestrial origin landing on a mountain just outside the city of Beijing in China.
The witness who secretly filmed the event at 5am in the morning around six months ago recalled 'waking up in the morning and hearing an odd pulsating sound, then going to the window and seeing an incredibly bright light descending and resting on a nearby hill: at one point the entire sky lit up'.

UFO experts who have examined this footage believe that it might well show an alien craft landing. It is believed that the Chinese government, like the that of the US, is in secret contact with extraterrestrials and the purpose of this UFO landing in China's capital might well be a secret meeting between disembarking aliens and China's political leaders regarding the future of Planet Earth.

UFO sightings are a commonplace in China with ET related events currently occurring on a daily basis.

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