UFO sighting photo from Mongolia revealed to public.

UFO sighting photo from Mongolia revealed to public.

Source: comcast.net

A fascinating UFO image from Mongolia has surfaced(above). The witness states in his report of the event:
I was working in Inner Mongolia in November 2008 on a coal concession outside Mulei. In the concession was a large fossilized Jurassic age forest which was a marker horizon for the coal measures – about 100m below the coal seams.

In the process of taking photos of the fossil tree horizon, I captured in the corner a disk-shaped object and on further scanning, of the there is also another metallic object in the sky – central upper part.

The photo was taken in the first half of November and the location was about 70 kilometers inside the Mongolian border – Chinese side – time was probably around 2:30 pm in the afternoon.

My Tibetan interpreter was on the same hill as appears in the photo, and when I downloaded the photos for the day in the evening, I asked the interpreter if she felt she was being watched when she was on the hill – the answer was “no.”

Then I brought her in to look at the screen – she was a little amazed at the photo.
The surrounding area is undulating low hills for about 60 kilometers to the west, and about 15 kilometers to the east. I examined all the photos before and after this photo, and there was nothing similar in any of the photos.
The first photo was downsized, as I was in the bush and only had limited memory on my computer and no access to additional memory space.
Camera was Lumex Panasonic with optical zoom lense 28mm to 104mm – have no idea of the setting but it was on zoom. Special thanks to Steve Macmillian and www.ufocasebook.com

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