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Hollow Sun Theory, How Aliens Have Been Using The Interior Of Our Sun, Oct 2018, UFO Sighting News.

The Hollow Sun Theory. This is a theory that I created back in 2009 when I noticed UFOs going in and out of Earths sun in SOHO/NASA sun photos. The theory is also based upon a world famous alien encounter that lasted three decades in Rocca Pia, Italy, which gave me the idea of how aliens can and do use the interior of suns. The theory states that aliens send a large craft into the suns center. This device does not need to be huge, however the energy it uses is unknown, but can last forever. This device uses beams of focused power that shoot out in all directions at once...pushing. Imagine a tractor beam reversed. This actually is done fast with land and dirt for making underground bases so large that they have their own weather systems. Well aliens use this device for any place they want to create a city. Underwater, underground, under the surface of a burning star. When aliens decide to leave forever, all they have to do is push a button and the entire hollow area will close back in. Its that easy...for them and their tech...which is millions and sometimes billions of years ahead of our own. I learned all this was 100% possible from evidence I gathered researching the Rocca Pia, Italy Friendship case. You see, the aliens told witnesses that the base below Rocca Pia was 300x300km long and 150km high. So huge it sometimes rained inside. So creating a base or closing it up was a simple task for them. Just something to think about next time a UFO is reported near our sun in NASA/SOHO photos or when dark spots (exits) are reported in the news. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


Strange Hole In Earth Sun Appears, Is It Hollow With A Planet Or Planets Within? Oct 20, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 19, 2018
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Source: NASA SOHO EIT195 camera filter

There is a huge hole building up at the northern polar region of Earths sun right now. As you see its about 400X the diameter of Earth. I do often suspect that our own sun might be hollow and that at the center of our sun, there may be a large planet full of intelligent alien species harnessing the suns energy. This dark opening may be them about to move something big through...maybe even the planet itself. I call it the Hollow Sun Theory. And it makes a lot of sense. Instead of of Dysons sphere built around the sun, the sun is instead squeezed until hollow using energy fields, which aliens then place their planet or planets, space stations and such within. Eternal eternal energy.
Scott C. Waring


4 Of The Creepiest & Coolest Things in Outer Space Today, Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.

This video covers a variety of very cool and thought provoking subjects that never get enough attention, but seriously need it. This video explores the universe in ways that make it the next big adventure for humanity in a beautiful attempt at charting the unknown possibilities of existence. 
Scott C. Waring

Video states:
A regular old black hole is creepy enough, as these time-bending regions of space allow nothing to escape from their grasp. The only thing scarier than a supermassive black hole is a bunch of black holes screaming across the galaxy at nine-hundred million miles per hour. If you were to try and imagine what something called the Bootes void might look like, you may have to take yourself off for a quick cold shower. Dark Flow is the name scientists have given to the mysterious force which they have detected beyond the borders of our visible universe. 

Posted by Strange Mysteries.


Golden Structures On Mars In The Thousands, Near Lonar Crater, July 2013.

Date of discovery: July 10, 2013
Location of discovery: Between Gemini Scopuli Crater and Lonar crater, Mars

I love using Google Mars to find evidence of ancient aliens and as always, it never lets me down. Although Google is working with the US government to hide alien evidence, thus seen through only 25% of Mars being is a focused quality, most of Mars...nearly 75% is deliberately blurred so that we cannot even view the shapes of mountains. 

Here I found not ten or twenty but literally thousands of tower like structures and in this one area the structures have a metallic gold tone to them. The gold tint changes kind of how Black hills gold changes from a gold pink to a gold green in tint, but this only makes it more evident that they are alien structures. 

Measuring between 90-120 meters across their top, these buildings inside would be equal to a square football field. Thats no small amount of space for any building. Look at how the buildings are spaced apart. There are no buildings that are side by side, touching one another. This disbursement also tells us that they were created by intelligent beings. Think of it like trailers spread out around a trailer park or houses lined up around the neighbourhood one by one with space between. 

With evidence like this we are slowly forcing NASA to change their mission, which was to hide aliens from us for the next 200 years...and instead they are changing it to a release date of about 50 more years before the truth is going to come out. What changed them? We did...the public by showing the world the truth...that which NASA had a mission to coverup. People are revealing evidence in NASA books, photos, videos and live cam footage that is causing panic in NASA. Therefore NASA starting late last year has decided to slowly reveal info about life on seen when the said "yes water is on mars," and just last week, "ancient life was once on Mars." SCW

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