Alien Craft Discovered On Surface Of Mars, Sol 437, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News. Dec 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 2013
Location of discovery: Mars Sol 467

This alien craft stands out greatly from the settings around it. If you look closely you will notice it has stealth like edges and a cool futuristic design that we would expect. The far upper right of the ship has a lifted roof to make room for the cockpit windows. Its sides seem to match and have a wing that extends out and then down to the ground. It does appear that it has sand blown onto it meaning it could have been there for a long time...perhaps long since abandoned. Why didn't the rover investigate further? Looks like NASA missed this one. A lot of alien tech there to learn from. SCW


  1. Hi Scott,

    This miniature object does look like some kind of “toy sized” aircraft that has been left out on the surface of Mars. Perhaps some of the craft has been covered by a miniature tarp to preserve it. There are also two smaller rectangular objects nearby that may be some kind of support equipment.
    This craft seems to be about the size of a “similar” craft seen by the Spirit rover. SEE:

    Download the "Full-Res TIFF" file and use (free) IrfanView software to zoom in at these XY coordinates: (9261, 1526)

    Note both craft have a “Space Shuttle” like cabin section and seem to be toy sized.

    Mars pictures are notoriously fuzzy, however we can see a few of the 3 inch tall aliens on occasion in the pics. I suspect there may be aliens in all sorts of scale sizes and types on Mars. Here is an example:

    Download the "full size" version panorama picture at: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/msl/multimedia/pia16204.html

    Then use (free) IrfanView software to look at these XY coordinates: (707,1275)
    Just 3 to 4 feet to the right of the rat made famous by this site is an example of a 3 inch tall alien crouched down behind a very small hill pointing a (camera?) device at the SUV sized Curiosity rover. He has a brown and yellow flower pattern camouflage on and only his right arm and right hand pointing the device at the rover and part of his left arm and face above his covered snout are visible. His right arm and fingers are light colored, but his face and left arm are very dark and bumpy. I had to use IrfanView’s zoom and sharpening features to first detect him. His right arm and fingers are most obvious and his flower pattern camouflage looks like a ribbon and seems to surround him as if he is in a clear domed partial air suit. A portion of the ribbon seems to make the shape of an air mask in front of his face. Eventually I used ($40.00) Focus Magic software to see him well. The downloadable versions of Focus magic allow for about 10 free trial uses. The pic demonstrates a very advanced miniature alien race and their use of camouflage suggests it is a very challenging hobby to study NASA’s fuzzy pics.

    If you want to see a NASA Mars pic with really clear Alien features. I would suggest you SEE:

    Then look to the bottom right edge of the picture where there is a pile of Alien skulls. Some look old and some look fresh. IrfanView XY coordinates are:
    (7184, 1156)

    There are also live aliens looking at the rover, but you will have to zoom in sharpen the image at: (3514,1118) There he is with spock ears and everything. He's poking his head out of the ground and looking at the rover. This also can be improved with Focus Magic software.

    So. Mars life seems to mostly exist UNDERGROUND and entrances tend to be hidden or made to look like something else. So it is not surprising to see an aircraft covered with dust to hide it. Perhaps their technology works well despite the dust. Regardless, we can count on NASA to fail to stop and examine the things we find interesting in the pics. I suspect the reason for the cover up is simple though. We live on a world that fights and kills over resources like oil etc… Alien technologies, even from long abandoned alien cities, may be considered too valuable for competing militaries and business interests here on Earth to share.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Ain't that the front section of a foamie(model aircraft)?
    If so, how did it got there? I know: lolcats developed opposable thumbs and are playing pranks on NaSA! Congarats, Scott! U found life on Mars!

    1. LOL, looks like it, but its real, I promise you...unless NASA is faking this whole rover deal on us.

  3. you would think with today,s tech the image would be better ,unless its been blurred for a reason

  4. http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/tiff/PIA17083.tif
    Look at: 3635,580

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  6. What sort of size is this object ?...there seems to be no indication of its size.


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