Moon Like UFO Over Sacramento, California Baffles Weather Reporters, Jan 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2014
Location of sighting: Sacramento, California, USA

KCRA News States: 
We are back. It is a celestial rock in space, if you will. Dirk, what is it? Is it a planet? Is it the milling? We have been searching for you in the newsroom to find out. That is interesting. Is it the moon? I don't know. You would have to back up to really see. At that looks like a point of light. If it is close to the sun and the sun is coming up, it is more than likely...it is close. But It is not a planet, because it is not twinkling. No, I would say that is not a planet. That cannot be Saturn unless there is an eclipse going on. (More at source)


  1. In the rest of the video script, Dirk Verdoorn did state: " THE ONLY OTHER PLANET THAT I HAVE SEEN THAT YOU COULD SEE THAT HAS A CHUNK TAKEN OUT OF IT LIKE THAT WOULD BE VENUS." Dirk was right in stating above mentioned. Most definately without a doubt... planet Venus! Partly lit by the sun, which can be a bigger or a smaller "chunk" not lit by the sun. Although only partly lit by the sun, it is amazingly very bright...up to as bright as -8 (astronomy language).
    A few general corrections: Planet Venus is often wrongly referred to as the "morning' or the "evening star". It is not a star as the earth's sun is a star and Venus in fact a planet. In the video transcript the following is mentioned: "IT IS CLOSE BUT IT IS NOT A PLANET BECAUSE IT IS NOT TWINKLING" Wrong! It is visa versa. A Planet does not twinkling at all! In actual fact, that is a method that to recognise a planet! Any Star (a sun) on the other hand, does twinkle. Our sun will also twinkle from a great distance. Spacelou, Cape Town, South Africa

  2. Just before sunrise in Northern Michigan's upper Peninsula I did my normal morning routine. The sky was clear and as I opened my patio door blinds I noticed two strange occurrence's. The date January 28, 2014. to my right and southerly there was what looked like a Moon in it's last quarter. It struck me as strange as the moon is generally west.... as I scanned the sky nearly dead center in front of me and as high as the trees another anomaly. I called my husband to come and look...there was a metallic round ball with what appeared to be a light...very strange both and the sun had not yet peeked. I set up my coffee pot and went back within minutes....both strange objects "moon" and metallic ball were gone. It was not the moon and it was not a satellite...We live on a small inland lake and I know we both observed something very unusual...


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