Two Fireflies Seen During Space Walk At ISS, Jan 28, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 28, 2014
Location of sighting: ISS in orbit.
Source: Live ISS Cam

I have been trying to edit the video, but cannot seem to make the first firefly more visible so here it is raw. You can jump to the 40 second mark and see them, but you will have to view it several times be cause there are gone in a few seconds. They sparkle while traveling down. Best if you watch full screen. (Sorry, I corrected the date, Video was recorded 17 hours ago.) SCW

During Mercury 7 mission back in April of 1959, astronaut Scott Carpenter states: "Sunrise. Ahhhhh! Beautiful lighted fireflies that time. It was luminous that time. But it's only, okay, they all right, I have if anybody reads, I have the fireflies. They are very bright. They are capsule emanating. I can rap the hatch and stir off hundreds of them. Rap the side of the capsule; huge streams come out. They--some appear to glow. Let me yaw around the other way."

Update: I couldn't see the fireflies in the video after uploading to Youtube...so I took it off. I didn't want to waste your time. My deepest apologies, but the detail was lost when uploaded. SCW

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