Two Archaeological discoveries on Mars, Sep 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 18, 2014
Location of discovery: 
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These two unusual structures were discovered this week in a Mars photo. One shows a long stone carving with four knobs on it. The other is a tomb-like stone leaning over. The tomb stone has a perfect right angle on its bottom and top corners. This is some fantastic archaeological discoveries that NASA as always will ignore. NASA Doesn't care about anyones opinion, but their own. If they want to show that they cared, they would investigate these objects more closely and seriously and allow some university archaeologist to have a say in it, but they don't. The rover is not there to make new discoveries, but instead, to keep the publics curiosity semi-satified so they don't ask for more. SCW


  1. There are others that NASA is connected w/ imo that clandestinely & in all likely hood are studying the discovered ruins such as shown here that was damage by that big global war on mars tens of thousands of yrs ago...

    The mars rover researchers, geologist, archaeologist, technical staff ect, & don't forget Ah Hum, the Alphabet Soup spelled organizations would seem to me & anyone w/ two ounces of intell will & should come to surmise that "It would be to there best interest to study those ruins, life forms, scattered junk remains of lost & even possible ADVANCE TECH thousands of yrs before US, now tell me crew wouldn't it be a bit foolish for the inquisitive among those so called elite organizations to not have pondering questions as to at lease say secretly AS THEY DO imo among themselves as to say "What happened to the ancient martian people & that grand tech they used" as the rover is scanning the junk, ruins, mutated creatures ect, well crew mates if there not then tens of billions of tax payers money from US is being wasted i suppose...

  2. hello i been on this site for 2 years and finnally i found out how to post .lol i have a big question i seen many doc about ufos and annunaki . what bugs me is that im in canada i try to look at the sky the best i can even on sunsets . i have never seen anything strange i wish i can . can u explain why i dont see anything up in canada i live right in front of sault michigan im in sault ste maire ON and i go on google earth looked at the ufo sightings and none were in canada but weirdly they were reports in the UK please info me thanks>

  3. Scott great site. There's a few statue looking faces in the surrounding topography. also this again looks to be another ancient courtyard or such. I was all over the sinai peninsula in the 80's serving with the MFO. we saw quite a few unique and odd desert rock formations, but never like the images coming from nasa on mars. keep up the good work.

  4. I can only say that to me, this whole area looks like it's been wet mud at some point, then had an excavator or tractor of some type driven through leaving tire track deposits flung off. Look at the path of scraped, flattened deposits e.g. the tombstones. Are we really looking at Mars, or is "someone" else driving around up there? Thanks for the images!

  5. The "rock" that is southeast from this large piece appears to have eyes. Do you see it?

  6. any idea of the size of those finds?

  7. i see a face,above zoom in pic

  8. These are so fun. People see the weirdest things in rock formations. Some of them are - well, do do do do (Twilight Zoneish) but they make wonderful ideas to me for my crop circle site :-)
    Thanks to the Mars watchers I have some great color book space rats and martian frogs, spiders and now soon to be more!

  9. Cooool things on Mars.


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