UFO Over Portsmouth, England Moves Faster Than Plane Sept 2014, PHOTOS, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 2014
Location of sighting: Portsmouth, England
News Source: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/161891/Mystery-object-flying-over-Portsmouth-sparks-frenzy

Guys I see this before over Taiwan, but didn't have a camera ten years ago. No smoke around its edges and its thicker center indicate its a UFO. Also the fact that it was moving faster than a plane proves it. No cloud can move that fast alone when other clouds are moving slowly. This little guy was in a hurry and didn't bother cloaking. SCW

News states:
The silver-grey object, which looks like a flying saucer, was photographed floating over Portsmouth. Lewis Rogers, 26, saw it when he was visiting a friend in the city. The animation director said: “My initial thought was it was an airplane but it was just moving too quickly. “I was the only one who saw it who was quick enough to take the picture. I definitely believe in UFOs. I often look up at the sky in the evening wondering if there is anything or anyone else out there.” Student Johnny Blackwell, 23, of nearby Southsea, said: “It didn’t look like a cloud and it was moving very fast. “It was a grey, disc-like shape. I don’t know much about military craft, but this was very fast-moving.” (More at source).