Creature or Submarine In Thames River, March 26, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 26, 2016
Location of sighting: Thames, London, England

This mysterious creature was recorded for only a few seconds, but if gives the impression that its much larger than we see. The objects shadow below the water is very long and gives me the impression of being much longer than we see on the surface. The Thames is connected to the ocean, so this could be some lost whales, or even a Russia submarine. The Russians are known for sneaking their subs into tight places in other countries. Sure it can be a alien creature, but I feel its probably a Russian sub. 
Scott C. Waring 


  1. very cool! wonder if that ship saw anything?

  2. Could also be drug runners they're using stealth subs now.

  3. One or two person subs would need to travel a little deeper under water to not be easily seen, & btw if i was a small submarine navigator & realizing at any moment a potentially massive & virtually unknown creature could hit your small plexiglass & plastic composit hulled sub & shattering it to pieces to get ya for lunch would be pretty frightning for almost any smuggler in a tiny but delegate submarine, & would even be more frightening to most smugglers than the police forces to worry about imo.

    1. Yes fellow crewmates onboard Scotts interstellar vessal here, that monstrously large thing in earths waters thats in THERE WORLD, would depending on water depth, would either attack coming up at ya from below, or laterily hit ya comming towards either one of the sides to shatter your little small delicate plexi bubble & composit plastic sub like a a GULP "EGG", & you & or your co navigator ending up being its GULP GULP GULP breakfast, lunch, hell maybe even its dinner, GULP ahhhhhhhhhh hicup, & SHEESHHHH imo...

      Come to dink of it, if i was a Global Dope Dealer, aKa GDD's like like that megga zillion dollar & UNTOUCHABLE INTL & zo called ligitamate dope dealin global PHARMA IMPIRE called "Merc" i,e. "Mercenary Pharmaceuticals", as one GDD example, well hell id probably research into underwater remote drone dope smugling prog's just in case via these AhHum, these gradual bio life Global Earth Changes UC, & & & possible Fukashima rads hitting bio life forms living in the pacific, GULP UC now.


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