Hillary Clinton Says She Will Take A Closer Look At UFO Documents, Jimmy Kimmel Show, March 25, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: March 25, 2016
Location of interview: Hollywood, CA, USA

Jimmy Kim Kimmel told Hillary that he spoke to Bill Clinton and Bill told him that he went and checked out those UFO files and didn't find anything. Hillary says that she will take a longer look at the area, which she called Unexplained Ariel Phenomenon, which actually is an older name and 5 years ago a lot of people tried to lecture me about it. Anyways, she says she will release all documents to the public if...and here is the @#$$er you thought would come...if it didn't threaten national security. After that pizza earlier, even my ass would be labeled a threat to national security! WTH??? Everything in existence could possible be a threat to national security! Anything...literally! Anything that reveals alien tech, or the existence of a living intelligent species...how @#$%ing low security is that? So...we are screwed guys, but we all knew that already.
Scott C. Waring