Alien Tech On Mars Is 100% Proof Of Advanced Alien Civilization On Mars, May 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 8, 2016
Location of discovery:  Mars
Source NASA Photo: http://areo.info/mer/spirit/648/tn/2P183890291EFFAI38P2395L5M1_L2L5L5L6L6.jpg.html

I found this really cool alien structure sticking out of what looks like a rock, but of course, is ancient tech itself. Imagine a tech that doesn't need wires. As I have tried to explain before, there are blackish and grey stone-like objects that are not actual rocks, but rather alien created structures. The purpose of course remains a mystery, but nevertheless they were created by an alien culture. A culture that is extremely difficult for humans to comprehend, because the alien culture is focused on things that our cultures just don't care about. If you have ever studied Sociology, then you totally get it. 
Scott C. Waring