Mexican Musician Records "UFO fleet" On April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 18, 2016
Location of sighting: Tijuana, Mexico
News source: http://inexplicata.blogspot.tw

This group of UFOs probably felt they wanted to send the people on the ground a message...to show that they were friendly. The UFOs actually formed a happy face for about 5-8 seconds, then broke formation. What is more universal than a smile? That is communication. Awesome catch, with a more awesome message.
Scott C. Waring

Inexplicata News states: 
What this video uploaded to YouTube clearly depicts are unidentified flying objects. Therefore, the term "UFO fleet" fits perfectly. It was recorded in the skies over Tijuana, Mexico - an area that has drawn the attention of many experts of the UFO phenomenon, since in recent years, sighting reports have become incessant. The recording was made on the night of April 18, 2016 in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, by corrido music artist Charly STPX, who after rehearsing with his band near the pier, became aware of some lights hanging in the air only meters over the sea. These images were shared on YouTube and over a dozen luminous objects can be seen, immediately leading them to believe it was a UFO fleet. The musician states this is the first time he's seen anything like it, as he has no knowledge of the UFO phenomenon. What caught the attention of hundreds of YouTube users (and of other social media outlets) is that the lights maintain a formation that resembles a "smiley face", causing many to say it was the "happiest UFO fleet in the galaxy." As can be heard on the video, Charly STPX hastens to explain that these are not "globos de Cantoya" (hot air balloons) which are popular in that region of Mexico. The YouTube video, which runs nearly 5 minutes, shows how the light formation descends and becomes lost in the horizon, which was still visible to eyewitnesses. Unfortunately, the cellphone camera was unable to capture some details described in teh video. The musicians knocked back a few beers to celebrate this close encounter of the first time.


  1. Hear me out now Im out of my element but it looks as if when smiley slowly changes.. I see an infant if you will.. looking left towards remaining ufos as if it's us looking up at a star formation. Possibly another sign? Awesome find. Thanks Scott sorry broke as a joke or I'd be happy to donate to the site.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1vM5jtIMlw
    Scott here is a video from Israel. What is your opinion?
    Regards Kathy

    1. Why would you randomly post this in this report?


  3. Hiding and abducting people doesn`t seem to me to be a show of very "friendly" intention...I don`t believe "aliens" are friendly at all.

  4. Depending on the ET species mind sets i suppose, UC theres good & bad thru out the universe including dwn here, however i just hope a large contingency of belevolent good guys are watching this world from particularly earth born madmen w/ a Nuclear Killing Mission to accomplish dwn here...

    So could this future madman be this Chump by the name of Trump to carry this nuclear madness on this world out, well then lets hope not, during 2017's yr span after the Jan 2017 nomination...

    It wont be Ms Clinton IF selected imo, UC she has to much vested interest at makin a fast million dollar buck w/ her shiester pals in wall st & investment banking institutions UC to literally Blow it all to Hell, so to spk, so ill give her credit for rhat bit of sanity that she swwm to demonstrate as opposed to a very wealthy ORANGE HAIRED nut case such aa Mr Trumps madness in the making, tho my chips is still on Berny Sanders still for that chief U.S. executive seat of earth mortal power, so at the ballot machine, JUST STUMP THE CHUMP from winning is all.

  5. Thats a very interesting flight pattern style i notice they have up there too.

  6. Like us humans there's good and bad. That basic logic extends to our extraterrestrial neighbors. Several species of aliens and I'd bet some good some bad. I hope we as a society aren't judged by the actions or behaviors of evil people.


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