Ancient Archway Found On Mars, Evidence Of Tiny Intelligent Aliens, July 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/01381/mcam/1381MR0067700030701777E01_DXXX.jpg

This an an archway from an ancient structure found on Mars by Whatsupinthesky37 of Youtube. Its absolute proof that tiny intelligntet aliens once were in control of this planet. The arch way tells us the hight of the aliens...less than 6 inches. The archway tells us the width of the aliens...less than 3 inches. You can clearly make out the door frame, the edges, the molding of it all. Right now, people say this is just a rock, but decades into the future, they will say, these are alien artifacts. With time, comes knowledge. 
Scott C. Waring

WhatsUpInTheSky37 States:
These are must see whether they are created by Mother Mars or by the ancient civilization that once thrived on the planet.... They are awesome! Thank you to Kjell for sending these over a couple weeks ago. Sorry for the delay :) I think the subscribers will really enjoy these. We have everything from what looks like statues of animals or doorways to what looks like sheet metal that has taken on the typical Mars butterscotch puke color that seems to engulf all of the NASA downloads before color balancing them. Either way it is good to be back with everyone and I am feeling much better! I hope you enjoy these and pass them along to everyone you know! Especially check out the website Article with the enhanced images!


  1. Look at pipes above the doorway. Pretty cool

  2. Look at pipes above the doorway. Pretty cool

  3. A rather interesting piece, but he does tend to blather on about nothing. He completely ignored an obvious piece of some kind of metal, and it was metal, because of the way it was bent. Rocks don't bend, and the one area which I was most interested in, the dark area, finally gets a mention right at the end, sans any close up view. NOT the way to go.
    What he says is metal, because of the pointed, triangular shape, is most certainly not definitive. Rocks, especially those type of sedimentary rocks often are shaped that way, as they break off of the main layer.
    Oh, and what about that skull looking object, right below the cave looking opening? Nary a mention...

  4. That arch is impressive, and, if yiu look to the left a little, there is another one that looks nearly identical that is diagonally tilted and in the sand amidst the rubble! With two of them close by and such a distinct shape there is no doubt it was built.

    Excellent work from whatsup.

  5. What if thats not a archway at all Scott, but perhaps a piece of corroded metal thatll look like a archway but instead is designed for a different kind of use, UC 2 me it looks like a expose small piece of something bigger thats partially burried, so im thinking ancient machinery parts of a highly resiliant metal alloy mixture to last such a great length of time w/out deteriorating to fine iron dust after thousands of yrs of time to maintain that what looks to me a intelligence created manufactured component piece...

    In my thinking those ancient martians ranged in size from a few cm's to approx 4 meters tall.

    1. Allo' Stranger :) i thought the same, like part of a decorative Spire mixed with the detailed Rubble in the background Maybe... But being that little COULD be possible. We did Independence day day to a bunch of gnomes ? Lol

    2. #UPINTHESKY if you see this, appreciate your Persistence. KEEPROCKN


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