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UFO Seen In Two Videos Near Miami Apartments Collapse! June 25, 2021, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: June 25, 2021
Location of sighting: Miami, Florida, USA

A woman on Tiktok recorded a unknown flying object moving past the Miami building that had collapsed this week. The object was seen moving across the sky behind a neighboring building. Its a UFO. Aliens have a high interest in current events and tragic events like this. Alien technology is capable of scanning the wreckage of the building and accessing exactly how many if any people are still living under the rubble. Its said 159 are unaccounted for and four people are confirmed dead. Its a horrible disaster which breaks my heart in to a thousand pieces. UFOs are often seen around such events and they gather information for some unknown reasons. 
The second part of the video is a news cast where a dark disk is hovering on the right of the building. Its easy to see but the newscaster seems oblivious of it. 100% alien in origin. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Moon Size UFO Sits Over Miami, Florida On Oct 1, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 1, 020
Location of sighting: Miami, Florida, USA

Eyewitnesses in Miami, Florida caught sight of a moon size object in the sky. But when they moved the camera in the opposite direction we saw the moon. The moon is clear and round, but the UFO is rectangle shaped and pinkish. The person turns to look at the moon to show where it is in comparison to the UFO and you can hear the eyewitnesses screaming. The camera person moves back to the UFO but its too late, its gone. It shot away right before the camera person focused back on it. The eyewitnesses screamed out of confusion, fear and awe at what they had just seen. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Miami Airport workers' disbelief as 'UFO' trailing blue UFO over the runway, July 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2016
Location of sighting: Miami, Florida, USA
News source:

These long blue UFOs have been seen over major cities around the world, from Los Angeles To Kazakstan. There are at least 12 different videos from different cities around the globe with these strange craft. In most cases the larger blue craft seems to cloak and disappear and only a tiny small craft from its nose remains. Also this smaller craft, perhaps an escape pod always goes slower than the larger blue craft. About 30% its speed. 
Scott C. Waring 

Mail online states:
Airport workers were left scratching their heads after spotting what looked like a giant UFO in the sky. The incredible footage, believed to have been filmed at Miami Airport, led to those on the tarmac whipping out their camera phones to snap the strange phenomenon. 'Check that out, woah, it's going to hit the plane,' shouts one man, as the strange blue shape moves through the sky. User RamJ described how it was 'the invasion from space', while another unnamed user says it is 'possible comet fragment with a high content of water and frozen gasses'. Many of those commenting on the clip believe it is something entirely normal. One user says it is a 'Florida rocket launch', and another agrees, saying the 'plume is from a hydrogen powered rocket engine, water vapor condenses in the high altitude forming a cloud of ice crystals reflecting light from the sun which, from this viewpoint, is below the horizon.' Although it is not known when this footage was shot, on June 24 the Atlas V rocket was fired off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The rocket was fired into orbit loaded with a Navy satellite.


UFO Changing Its shape Over Miami, Florida March 16, 2012 News Video.

Date of sighting:  March 16, 2012
Location of sighting: North Miami Florida, USA

In this video they took the stills of the original and made it much easier to view without all the movement so that we can get a great view of what this UFO actually looks like.


Blue Orb Recorded Over Miami, Florida Near Moon, Jan 7, 2012 Photos.

Click bottom photo to enlarge.

Date of sighting: January 7, 2012.
Location of sighting: Miami, Florida, USA

Eyewitness states:

"On January 7, the at about 7:25 PM, I was exiting my home with my children, waiting on my wife to finish getting ready for a birthday dinner party of my nieces. The wife took a lot longer than expected, and the moon was full and rising over the neighborhood roof tops toward the East to slightly NE at this time of year. I decided to take a still photo of it with my I-phone 3G, with my younger 8 year old Daughter and my 5 year old Son near by. Soon as the camera function booted up and view finder engaged, I pointed it at the Moon, but imediatly noticed a bright blue glowing small orb below and toward the left about a 7:00 O clock position below the Moon. It was about 15-20 degrees out from the the Moon disc. It was only visible through the electronic view finder of the I-Phone, but not to the naked eye. It was stationary in relation to the Moon. I moved the camera around to see if it could be a lens refraction from the neighborhood lights, but it stayed put in relation to the moon. I looked around to see if anybody had blue lights around, like Christmas lights, but non observed. I kept looking at the part of the sky where it appeared in the view finder, but no orb, no bright stars, or planets were any where nearby. I then being aware that electronic cameras, can see wave lengths of light not seen by the naked eye, I proceeded to photo graph it. Upon engaging the zoom function on the still camera function, to draw the orb close in the view finder for a closer photo, I saw what appeared to be electrical, charge, or static like texture to the orb, like static on a off channel on older analog TVs, and rapid dancing Gold, silver, yellow and pinkish or rose electrical sparking or arcing around the edges of the orb disc. like those Tesla balls you would purchase at Sharper Image novelty electronic stores with the Frankenstein style electrical plasma charges dancing all around a glass globe. I then proceeded to take stills and engage my video function as well, but the video function lacks the zoom capability of the still function. Now the one neighbor, I have near by, the father of a girl my daughter plays with, and my children and Wife also came over to look at it through the view finder. I attempted to use my Wifes I-Phone to also view it, but hers, also the same make model and style, bought at the same time and place as mine didnt show the object. Even both held side by side pointing at the spot of the orb. We had to go to our party on Miami Beach. so a stopped photos and film. As we were on our way to 79th St Causeway on Miami Bch. I hit a red light at 826 and Bird Rd. I rolled the window down engaged the camera, and used it to relocate the object still in its position. Guess the time was about 8:00 or 8:20 PM. We arrived at the Trios on the Bay at 1601 79th St. Causeway, North Bay Village, Miami, Fl. 33141. at 8:50-9:00 PM. I stepped out of the car and turned on the camera again, sure enough it was still in its original position. Seemed not as bright from this location. Now I thought if I just traveled 35-40 miles and it is still in its relative original position, this thing has to be very high or outside of the planets atmosphere. I continued to take photos, using references and other sources, like passing aircraft, buildings, palm trees, etc. for references, and film clips of the object both in front of and on the dockside deck of the restaraunt till my battery got low about 10-10:30 PM. Had to shut my phone down to save. I also attempted to use other family members I-phones and other camera type phones to view the object. Only one other I_phone in the group of 4 camera phones seemed to see the object. Older Black Berry and flip phones did not see it when engaged for camera mode. Periodically through out the night till we left at 11:45-11:50 PM, I engaged the phone briefly to observe the object. It was there till till we were leaving, then upon one last view attempt with almost dead battery, I noticed it was gone!!!!! By now the moon was directly overhead to slightly toward the west. Mary Margaret Zimmer of MUFON has my complete collection of still shots and 4 video clips of the object downloaded in her computer today January, Sunday 8th at 1:45 PM, she will be following up with the video evidence!!!!"

Source: MUFON