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Emiliano Sala Abducted By Mile Long UFO Over Channel Islands, Jan 23, 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of abduction: Jan 21, 2019
Location of abduction: between Alderney and Guernsey island.

When a plane goes mission, I often look into it for related UFO sightings in that area. Emiliano Sala, the famous soccer player was on board a small single engine Piper Malibu, which seats about 6 people and it just happened to disappear in the exact location of the worlds largest UFO ever seen in history...being over a mile long and there were two of them seen by two different planes and pilots and many passages back in April 23, 2007. Well its happened again, but this time the small plane was so close to the mile long yellow and metallic UFO that it may have been deemed a threat and taken onboard the craft. 

Thats right, Emiliano Sala may be alive and well on board a mile long UFO somewhere out in space or even on another planet by now. It is unlikely that the aliens would allow Emiliano to return to earth since he has walked among them and seen their technology...letting him go may cause a world wide panic. 

Also there is a huge area between France and Guernsey island that pilots are not allowed to fly over due to the area being military secret off limits location. This may be to help keep the aliens flying in and out of the ocean a secret. 

Another thing is that back in 2007, the pilot of the craft that saw the mile long UFO wanted to go check it his own words he states, ‘As I got closer to it, it became clear to me that it was tangible. I was in two minds about going towards it to have a closer look but decided against it because of the size of it. I had to think of the safety of the passengers first.’ 

So, if the pilot in 2007 wanted to go check out the UFOs and get closer...then maybe Emilianos' pilot also wanted to turn toward the UFOs and take a closer look and get video footage of the craft...but they got too close and were abducted. Even if the plane is found, no bodies will ever be found, but they probably took them...plane and all onboard the alien craft. Hey, you never know...he may teach aliens about soccer and create a universe cup competitions among worlds. 
Scott C. Waring

For more info about the Guernsey UFO incident in 2007, copy paste this link.


UFOs near astronauts during Olympic Torch show, on space station, Sept 1, 2016. UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of sighting: Sept 1, 2016
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at space station

LOL, when the Russian astronaut sees the two-three UFOs fly in front of him as he holds the GoPro camera, he totally loses it and fumbles to the right trying to pull away from the UFOs and keep his balance. Also, notice the two brighter UFOs get frightened by his sudden movement and they both make a 135 degree sharp turn, and head downward. Kinda cool, and impossible for a floating piece of debris to preform, but easy for a living creature or alien drone to do. 

See the Olympic torch in the photo below. 

This was a live broadcast on Youtube and lasted for about 25-30 minutes, the was placed on an eternal loop. I quickly spotted many white entities moving about. I say entities, not UFOs because they looked small, drone size, but others were tiny...bee size and a few zigzagged which should be impossible in space for a non living or non controlled object. Thus, they were evidence of life. 

There are only two small clips of these white UFOs in this video below, then the last 6-7 minutes is dedicated to the the Russians display of the Olympic Tourch, which kinda looks like a Klingon bat'leth. 

Oh...Youtube lets you do full screen and up the clarity to HD 750 or higher, also put it in slow mode...this way you see those little white buggers. 
Scott C. Waring 


Huge UFO Over St. Louis Cardinals Game On May 3, 2016, Photos, UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of sighting: May 3, 2016
Location of sighting: St.Louis, Missouri , USA
Source: MUFON #76223

This witnesses photos are really big. Probably using a very powerful camera when taking these photos. These you see here are just very close up screenshots of the photos I made. We can see that the UFO does look metallic between two bright balls of light. In others its long and thin. 

This UFO is really high up and had to have shown up on radar for that area. This object must have been big, because it was seen from a great distance away and his photos are really fantastic. How could others not see this you ask? Others did see it, but often 95% of the people who see UFOs often dismiss it, but later end up regretting not taking it  more seriously at the time. 
Scott C. Waring 

Eyewitness states:
My family and I just left the St. Louis Cardinal game, we were driving west on hwy 40, I was the first to see it. Off in the distance (approx 4 or 5 miles away) in the west (SW from our current position) I could see an extremely bright row of lights (4 round very large set of lights side by side). Like stadium lighting. I pointed it out to my husband and son. My husband said "it's just lights on top of a building or crane", "no big deal"... As we got closer to it we realized, there were NO buildings or cranes around! All highway and some trees. The lights were straight forward like headlights. It seemed like it was in the same spot from when I first spotted it. We got onto the off ramp from hwy 40 and were going to head south on hwy 270. As soon as we got onto hwy 270 my husband pulled to the shoulder so I could try and get some better pictures of this "floating light tower". 

It seemed like it was less than a quarter of a mile to the right of us at that point. Since we were stopped and now looking up at this thing we realized it was moving really super slow instead of hanging out in mid air like we originally thought. We could now see it's triangular shape and the lights were not as I described above but rather, Two in front toward the outer tip of the wings and two toward the top center. And what looked like rope lighting around the outer perimeter.The lights definitely seemed to dim down as it was passing over us. My husband said there were a set of colored blinking lights on the under side, but I honestly didn't notice them. It was bigger than our truck (ext cab silverado) and made absolutely NO SOUND?! The whole time! That was the most amazing part... How something so big flying through the air could be so quiet? And there wasn't a moment during this amazing experience, where we felt scared or threatened in any way. It stayed a safe distance above us, about as low as a helicopter would fly when doing a traffic report. As it was passing over us it picked up a tremendous amount of speed. Almost like it noticed us watching it... (I know, let's not get crazy) Then it took off straight toward St. Louis (East) then shot up ward at an angle toward the SE. Within seconds it was out of sight. Even though it was about 11pm on a Tuesday, there was a Blues game and Cardinal game that just let out... So the highways were far from empty.


Packers' Aaron Rodgers tells of New Jersey UFO sighting back in Feb 2005, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 2005
Location of sighting: New Jersey, USA
News source:

I have to admire Aaron Rodgers for coming out and telling about his UFO sighting. He is a hero to many and this may help inspire others out there to come forward and telling of their sightings. This shows he has an inner strength that says  that others do not dictate what he believers or knows. He knows the truth, he saw the truth and now he teaches the truth. An inspirational story from a sports great. 
Scott C. Waring 

News states:
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a believer in extraterrestrial life, and nobody will be convince him otherwise. When you've looked up into the New Jersey sky on a snowy winter night and stared down a UFO, it stays with you forever. It's stayed with Rodgers since February 2005. A college senior at Cal at the time, Rodgers saw what appeared to be an UFO zipping through the sky around 12:30 a.m., then heard fighting jets in the area shortly thereafter. He's convinced it was something from outer space. More than a decade later, Rodgers shared his incredible story this week to Pete Holmes on the "You Made it Weird" podcast, (which is two hours long and includes some bad language). This definitely is weird. "I saw an unidentified flying object in the sky in New Jersey in 2005," Rodgers said. "Late at night. I was with a good friend of mine. There were multiple eyewitnesses."

A native Californian, Rodgers was in New York to appear on ESPN's Cold Pizza two months before being picked 24th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft and afterward decided to meet up in New Jersey with a college teammate. His buddy was Steve Levy, who was a star quarterback at Don Bosco Prep quarterback in Ramsey, N.J., before backing up Rodgers at Cal. "I had the (show) early in the morning in New York City .... and was going to spend the night (in New Jersey) with (Levy)," Rodgers said. "So I went to his folks house and had this great Italian dinner. They're a big Italian family. So it's eight courses. It started at 8 (at night) and ends at midnight. So we're winding down there and there was a weird siren in the distance." Levy, his brother and Rodgers went outside to check out the noise, which was an alarm coming from a power plant several miles away. They all looked up in the sky, and there it was. "It was one of those kind of bright nights where it's overcast, but there's enough light from the moon kind of reflecting off the clouds," Rodgers recalled. "The next thing we know, we saw something in the sky." Rodgers described what he saw as something similar to a scene from the movie Independence Day when a jet crashes into an alien spaceship.

"It was like that in a sense that it was a large orange left-to-right-moving object," Rodgers said. "Because of the overcast nature of the night and the snow, (the UFO) was kind of behind the clouds we were seeing, but it was definitively large in the night sky moving from left to right. ... And it goes out of sight and we look at each other and go 'What in the (bleep) was that?'" Rodgers stood there in disbelief for 30 seconds or so, then heard loud the whooshing sounds of several fighter jets speeding through the sky right where the UFO had just been. "It felt like five minutes, but at the time we were kind of in shock," Rodgers said. "Then we hear the definitive sound of ... Anybody who's been to a flyover or been to an airshow or just seen Top Gun, you know the sound that a fighter jet makes as it goes by. And there were about four of those." Right away, he was sure what they'd witnessed. "Now if you know anything about UFO sightings or if you've done research you know that a lot of times two things are connected to UFO sightings," Rodgers said. "One is the presence of fighter jets ... to chase them down or find out what's going on. And two is there's a lot of sightings around nuclear power plants. So to tie to it all together, the alarm we heard was from a nuclear power plant that was 30 miles out." Rodgers said they heard the power plant alarm sound again an hour later that night. Everyone ran back outside to see if the UFO had returned. "Nothing else showed up," he said. The group later looked to see if anything was in the newspapers or on the news over the next few days.

Alien Technology Discovered On Mars by Spirit Rover in 13 photos! UFO Sighting News.


Ancient Pillar and Two Pyramids Found On Recent Mars Rover Photo, March 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
News source:
Photo source:

This is a fantastic discovery by Christian Mace, a French UFO researcher who searches hard for the truth. He found a broken pillar and not one, but two pyramids in the background. Its been long thought that the leaders of ancient Egypt came from other planets before they came to Earth, and apparently they have also been to Mars, as this evidence points. Awesome catch by Christian Mace. Keep it up. 
Scott C. Waring

Pleiadian Seen Vanishing On Live Danish News At Airport! Video, March 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 2016
Location of sighting: Denmark, baggage claim, airport
News source:

In this Danish News video, we see a yellow hair woman in the background trying to get her baggage, then....she vanishes. A lot of viewers of the video say you can see her walking behind the girl in front...that her hair is seen behind her, but that hair is brown and is her ponytail. It is not the yellow hair of the girl that vanishes. 

There are a lot of yellow hair aliens out there. One species that mingles a lot with humans and may have even walked past you a few times are the Pleiadians. Yellow hair seems to be a trademark of they species. She may be one of them. 

I also notice she is talking to a girl with a sports jacket. Her own jacket is different, but the other person behind them all also has this sports jacket, not to mention the Puma baggage. As her conversation ends with this sports girl, she vanishes, as if she was finished. The real question is...was she even on the plane at all, or just appear here to talk to this special someone?

Scott C. Waring 


Basketball Dream Hoops Now At Apple and Google App Stores.

Hey everyone. I've been messing around with trying to make a sports game. I really like basketball, although I'm a horrible player, so I decided to make a game of hoops. I call the game "Basketball Dream Hoops," and its out now at the Apple and Google app stores. Its would be really nice of you if you could purchase it. Its fun for all ages and the game play lasts for about 1-6 minutes depending on your skill level. Thanks, Scott Waring

Also I already made an update for this game, to add a few more things and fixes. It will be active at Apple on April 25th, but is active now on Google store. 

How to play:

The basketball hoops will rotate around the white track, you must drop a ball or balls into the hoop to keep it on the track. If you miss even one hoop, it will vanish, leaving you one less hoop. There are eight hoops and each evenly spaced apart, so focus and just tap a finger on the screen to drop some balls into the basket. After you get your first 200 baskets, a hoop will change color. Any balls that fall into this hoop will also change to the color of that hoop. For instance the orange ball falls into the green hoop, thus, the ball changes color to green. Eventually all eight hoops will be different colors and changing the colors of the balls as well. Its a psychedelic basketball game.  


Two UFOs Seen Over Denver, Colorado During Football Game With Kansas City, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 17, 2013
Location of sighting: Denver, Colorado, USA

Eyewitness states: 
During the Sunday night football game between Denver and Kansas City, a viewer taped the game. This is what she said:

Denver, Colorado - 11-17-13

My husband and I were watching Sunday Night football last night and right before half time I noticed strange lights doing odd maneuvers in the broadcast cutaway shot of downtown Denver.

As my husband is a total nonbeliever I never said a thing about it, but as we record every Bronco game I have proof of what I saw.

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Red UFO in New Orleans Sky Trigger Super Bowl Power Cut

Date of sighting: February 2013
Location of sighting: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

News states: 
The biggest sporting event in the United States was stopped for 34 minutes after the lights suddenly went out. One hundred and eleven million viewers lost the broadcast. Officials in New Orleans are still baffled by what happened to disrupt the American football game between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Confusion deepened when the energy supplier of New Orleans admitted its investigation had drawn a blank. A full-scale inquiry has been mounted by the owners of the Super dome. Consultants were being drafted in to analyse data. More than $1m of improvements to the stadium were commissioned in the aftermath of the blackout. But could footage of the sky that shows a UFO over the southern state city at the time of the power cut hold clues?



Aliens Are Red Sox Fans! Two UFOs Seen Over Red Sox Game, Video March 2012.

Date of sighting: March 2012
Location of sighting: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

These two disk-like objects were recorded over a ballpark where the Red Sox where playing. The two objects appear dark and are defiantly not birds since they fly in a straight light without flapping and at speeds many times faster than birds. And no…it's not two balls hit out of the park, wrong color and the headed over the parking lot area which would be dangerous for balls to be hit. Also the Red Sox are playing outside giving any UFO a box seat view of the game. What alien wouldn't love that? SCW


UFO over San Francisco Giants MLB game on Sept 10, 2011, amazing video.

UFO over San Francisco Giants MLB Game on Sept 10, 2011, amazing video.

Date of sighting: September 10, 2011
Location of sighting: San Francisco, California, USA

This is really amazing. Another sports video reveals another UFO! We reported the UFO over at Notre Dame Stadium a few days ago and now at the San Francisco Giants MLB game. Are aliens trying to use popular sports to capture the worlds attention? I think so! Watch the below video as a white arrow head shaped UFO slowly shoots past behind the news reporter as if it was waiting for its cameo! Well if aliens are trying to do this its because they know sports gets national attention and they are trying to get the public use to them before they make the sudden appearance before us. Mind you, Dec 21, 2012 is close. I do believe this will be the day that they will once and for all come out of the closet.

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯