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Monkey On Mars! Amazingly Weird and Strange Discovery In Rover Photo! Feb 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 6, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:
NASA Camera: MSL sol 1097 M-100 East view

If this isn't them most unexpected thing to find in a Mars photo, then I just don't know what is? I found a monkey slumping as it sits on a stone along a hillside. Yeah...I don't get it either. How is this possible? I will let you figure that one out. This is clearly an creature on a hillside, just like a baboon on a pile of stones in the African outback. Why the hell aren't biologists and zoologists looking into this? 

I also found a giant skull which is on the far right edge of the original photo. Its big and it looks like...a chimpanzee skull. I have found similar skulls many times, but on Earths moon and it greater detail. I have also found a similar skull before on Mars a few years ago. 

Overall there is a large amount of evidence that life once existed on Mars. With every bit of evidence I find, I lose more respect for NASA that I once had. Why hide the truth from the public, when they can take it well? NASA must have found something big, and useful on Mars to keep these smaller discoveries secret. Perhaps an abandoned base or spacecraft that they don't want China to get their hands on. 
Scott C. Waring 新北市新莊區幸福路, 台灣


Ancient Head Found On Mars, Looks Like President Obama, Close Up HD Photo! Nov 26, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 26, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source Mars photo:
NASA Source:

Chance of being a real sculpture head: 98%

I found this face and posted it, a few days later it went viral, because they said it looks like President Obama. 

Searching for structures on Mars I found this head. From the way its standing up I would say that it is a full statue, but is buried from the shoulders down. Its standing perfectly upright. It looks humanoid, but hard to tell with a sculpture. Most people are calling these rocks carvings, but I highly doubt that this is mere rock, but instead is probably a 3D printed substance with tech printed inside. Sure we see scatterings of rocks, but it may just be the remains of an alien civilization that was hit hard by a competing alien race. Sure hope humanity never discovers such weapons. 
Scott C. Waring 

Photos description states:
This is the Spirit Pancam "Everest" panorama, acquired on sols 620 to 622 (October 1 to 3, 2005) from a position in the Columbia Hills at the true summit of Husband Hill. The summit region is a broad plateau about 100 meters (300 feet) above the surrounding plains of Gusev crater, consisting mostly of outcrop rocks and windblown drifts. The distant view in the center of this mosaic is looking from the summit into the South Basin, the region where Spirit will be driving down into and exploring over the coming months.

Alien Technology Discovered On Mars by Spirit Rover in 13 photos! UFO Sighting News.


Many Alien Structures & Faces on Mars Close Up In ONE Spirit Rover PHOTO, UFO Sighting News.

All The Below Photos are from the Same NASA Spirit Rover Photo, PIA10216.
Updated on March 16, 2015: I found another copy of this photo, but this time is massive in size and very easy to use. Try will blow your mind. Link at gigapan below. SCW

Original NASA Photo:

Download full NASA photos with red circles at 

NASA posted a photograph (PIA10216, Google it-same photo as the woman figure was found!) taken by the Mars Spirit Rover on their web site that I began to look over to see if I could find any evidence of ancient aliens. To my amazement I found some figure and posted it, news called me "some guy in Asia." I posted it on the Internet causing widespread excitement over the possibilities of life existing on Mars. This led me to other new discoveries in the same photo of a male and a possible child figure near the female figure. I also found a statue like faces (head only), in high detail of a reptilian looking skyward and wearing a crown with a jewel in it. I found a three carved faces in the side of the mountain of three unknown species, which can only be compared to Mt. Rushmore. Some buildings, crashed disks, giant caterpillar creature and cave, and entrances to structures. SCW

Click on images to enlarge.

A Real Alien Life Form in Below Photo, like a giant caterpillar creature.

UFO Below.

Pyramid and Egyptian Style Building
This photo below is small size of full panoramic, for full large size, download at link below.

Download full NASA photos with red circles at